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The Realistical Meaning of Classicism Oil Painting

Author GuYing
Tutor LiMingWei
School Henan University
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Classicism Ideal Harmony Spiritual needs
CLC J213
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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With the gradually accelerating pace of social development, the rapid economic development, people's spiritual thinking has undergone profound changes, the majority of people in the spirit of the ideas and values, etc. are rapidly changing. Since surging into modern Western culture, art in painting, part cultural radicalism sided anti-traditional trend is worsening, they were greatly admired Western contemporary avant-garde art at the same trial, denied the Western tradition of classical painting contemporary value to denounce classical oil painting is just a continuation of traditional art processes, rigid hollow, is a kind of decline and decay of art styles. As an oil painting of study who are deeply biased and one-sided this view. Through my paintings art practice, so I deeply appreciate: classical painting is not outdated, it's ideal and harmonious expression of the modern connotation of spiritual pursuit, to meet the spiritual needs of modern people is very important aspect. Rapid development and changes in contemporary society period, classical paintings not only does not decline and decay, but also bound to meet people's spiritual needs of daily life, purify the human mind, etc., play an increasingly important role. This paper describes the semantic neoclassical start using theoretical explanation and analysis of the specific combination of works, discusses contemporary classical oil painting in China the status quo. Emphasis from classical paintings possess the core substance - the principle of idealism and harmony both discusses interoperability and Western classical painting place. And combining the current social situation, focusing on the spiritual level discourse from classical paintings practical significance of classical painting realistic significance for deep and comprehensive study. This paper is divided into four parts: Part I: Neoclassicism and expounded the basic concepts of classical painting. Refers to the classical art of ancient Greece and Rome based on historical tradition or aesthetic point of view, when the means for explaining the history and tradition of ancient art ancient art or affected by the late Art. Painting is a neoclassical neoclassical spirit connotation, the pursuit of the ideal and harmonious performance style, creating a perfect overall model. Part II: discusses contemporary classical oil painting in China the status quo. First of neoclassical painting briefly introduced from the West after the development in China Background: gradually accepted by people, as well as Chinese oil painters in the study of Western painting on the road trying to explore; Secondly, some on behalf of artists and their works analysis, classical oil painting in China's development context and current situation of the sort: Since reform and opening, cultural radicalism rebel China's traditional culture, arts development presents diversity pattern, the entire art world in the traditional and modern crossroads of the dispute in China painters pursuit, the formation of a Chinese style painting groups and a large number of masterpieces. Part III: theoretical elaboration and analysis of the specific method of combining work, discusses the \Set lofty idealism and beautiful in one, Eastern and Western classical art from the aesthetic standards, harmony principle is common to Eastern and Western classical aesthetics basic principles. Part IV: discusses classical paintings practical significance. First analysis of the spiritual crisis of modern society a hundred years by the Chinese and modern Western culture social transformation caused by the impact. Through theoretical explanations and their representative works of classical painting detailed analysis, discusses the spirit of traditional culture with social cohesion and the role of classical painting spiritual connotation to meet the spiritual needs of modern people is healing spiritual crisis medicine. Secondly, discusses the necessity of building a harmonious society, through theoretical exposition and its representative works of classical painting detailed analysis shows the spiritual content of neoclassical painting can cultivate people's noble sentiments, and promote the improvement of the overall quality of the people, to help build a harmonious society.

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