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Existentialist Philosophy on the Works of Marguerite Duras

Author HuYanLan
Tutor WangXiaoLin
School Hunan Normal University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Existentialism Living situation Plight Freedom of choice
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Marguerite Duras is France a very attractive , unique personality of the writer , her rebellious attitude in the writing field to explore the meaning of life and existence , to promote the inherent quality of humanity living in an embarrassing situation and descriptive effective in human freedom struggle and protest, to the reader 's interpretation of the entire history of the human soul . She gives life to the absolute value , with the real and imaginary construct \Duras expressed a political reality and survival of the absurd contradictions and suffering , exposing the evils of colonialism , through the external objective world description and living circumstances to reflect the spirit of embarrassment survival philosophy. In her works, you can feel the color of existentialism , that the world is absurd, absurd world of human beings in desperate protest, freedom of choice for one kind of hysteria , and thus bear their own destiny. Existentialist philosophy works in Duras has been fully demonstrated and explained . The first chapter combines existential \in-depth text , digging deep characters' inner subjective world . Duras works of the \The second chapter discusses the concept of free choice of characters , this is the way to survive his characters positive proof. People have subjective will , in the face of objective circumstances be free to choose , to choose their own attitudes and behavior , with the freedom to choose the actions of self-creation , implementation, and justify their existence . I believe that in order to fundamentally solve the moral dilemma , we must return to the \Duras 's works in an attempt to fight despair , desire of speaking , beyond and commitment , death four ways to reach the reset state , full of optimism colors.

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