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On the Ecofeminist Sense in the Poetry of Emily Bront(?)

Author FuYuQun
Tutor LiChengJian
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Emily Bronte Poem Ecofeminism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Ecofeminism began in the 1970s, the theory that women with naturally occurring natural connection, the same as the \, freedom and rights, the ultimate goal is to achieve human and nature, male and female great harmony. Eco-feminist literary criticism is the rise in the 1990s, the first woman and nature from the dual perspective of women in literature and nature of the \As a novelist, Emily Bronte early on to fame in the late 1800s; as a poet, she was little known until the 20th century, was able to establish its poetic name. His poetry has been preserved with 193, can be divided into two categories: non-Gondal Gondal poems and poetry (self-poetry). Their self-poetry from a female perspective describes the poet living in that era of confusion, loneliness, frustration, despair, tenacity and desire, fully embodies the 19th century British society as a poetess spiritual existence. Gondar Gondar its fictional kingdom of poetry, tells the story of several women struggling, revenge, and love to get the right course. And nature is a common imagery of his poetry. In this paper, eco-feminist perspective on Emily Bronte conduct a comprehensive interpretation of poetry, poetry to explore its ecological feminist consciousness. This paper is divided into six parts. First, the Introduction section describes Emily Bronte in literary history as a novelist and poet of the status of his poetry research status at home and abroad, this research perspective, the basic framework for research purposes and papers. Chapter 1, the theoretical basis for this article, namely eco-feminist literary criticism Overview and domestic research and recommendations, as well as the division of Emily Bronte poetry, themes and general characteristics. Chapter 2 analyzes the poetry of nature and women self-ideological alliance. Described his poetry repressed image of women and men of the \Chapter 3 analyzes by Gondal poetry poetry explores the theme of building a harmonious universe. Unlike self-poetry, Gondal poems describes a new non-traditional image of women's independence and natural imagery. Whether in love or politics, women's rights and nature is demonstrated most vividly. Meanwhile, the poetry in showing disgust for the war, and for women, natural and man longing for a harmonious world. Chapter 4 discusses the three aspects Poems of Emily Bronte's Ecological Feminist Consciousness Cause: ho Chillingworth, first half of 19th century, the social background and cultural influence. This paper concludes that the poetry of Emily Bronte ahead of its time, the first eco-feminist theory on the formation of 100 years, contains the ecological feminism, feminism has significant ecological consciousness, classic. As a novelist, Emily Bronte admired by future generations, and as a poet, she should enjoy the winning times.

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