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The Gothic Tradition in Edgar Allan Poe

Author LiXiuZuo
Tutor LiZhongHua
School Ocean University of China
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Gothic tradition Innovation Psychological analysis Gothic writing skills
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The term \Edgar Allan Poe is perhaps the most controversial and most misunderstood writers of American literary history. No one dared to question the slope is Gothic horror novel of the consensus, although not his invention of the Gothic novel. This paper first answer \Edgar Allan Poe's novel inherited the tradition of Gothic literature, cleverly borrowed Gothic ', created a unique literary style. While the writing style is not only the heritage of the essence of the Gothic tradition, more boldly broaden the connotation of the Gothic novel and innovative performance space of the Gothic literary style. The slope of the horror novel innovation performance: from the original purpose to create terror, the development of complex psychological analysis. In literature and art, the slope of the Gothic novel reflects the psychological split identity divisions and self-centrifugation. But it also shows the potential of fusion actively in the process of self-awareness and growth. These stories about the hazards of neglect or even repressed subconscious self-perception. If you pay attention, the subconscious of the characters in terms of efficacy, creativity and self-improvement has a positive effect. If ignored, the subconscious will become reaction force, will be devastating. In this paper, the slope of the \\Mental state, often accompanied by a herald of the dream, the main factors of Poe's Gothic novel. From a psychoanalytic perspective, the story can be seen as the narrator is a dream to wake up in the search for self when the theme is the human consciousness in the continuous process of self-division. The nightmare-separatist demonstrated a theme: there will be a risk of psychological division when rational dreamers encounter self subconscious. This story shows the Usher siblings, one on both sides, as his shadow, Rhodes Lick of consciousness by his subconscious Ma Delin disturbed by the narrator as the slow process of the dream itself. Indeed, Barbara Hannah pointed out: \Poe's short story The reason eternity, in addition to the psychological analysis we mentioned above, also mainly due to his Gothic writing skills. Gothic narrative is always interesting and difficult to forget, originated in the fun we get from the terror and suffering \Poe is this from the heart of terror through the Gothic scene performance, Gothic figures shaping and plot structure, and other skills give us a pleasant feeling of beauty. Therefore, in addition to the inheritance of the slope of the Gothic tradition, he brought the Gothic tradition into a new modern elements. The way he works, such as scene description, the shaping of Gothic characters, plot structure and supernatural Description still applied by modern writers. Slope-depth people's unique skills of the subconscious and the subconscious is widely used in his Gothic novel. Edgar Allan Poe's achievements to eternity in the literary world, Poe talent and talent has been more appreciated and welcomed. Gothic tradition of the Poe later reasoning, science and detective novels had a huge impact, not to mention many of the modern Gothic writer, William Faulkner, Franny · O'Connor Hart Kerui En, Stephen King, they still inherit the Gothic tradition continues to flourish.

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