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Impact of the Context on Legislative Language

Author JiangDing
Tutor XiaoYunShu
School Southwest University of Political Science
Course Chinese Contrastive Forensic Linguistics
Keywords Contextual Factors Legal language Legislative language Simplicity Conditionality
CLC D922.16
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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This paper studies the contextual factors influence the legislative language and restraining effect. After a lively since Saussure human language is considered rigid grammatical system. Chomsky's generative grammar is the language of the social and cultural factors excluded from the linguistic study. As we all know, since the language, there are people on the context of research, however, the true sense of the context of studies starting in Malinowski. London language school system, once formed, breaking the language ignoring social and cultural nature of the impasse. Firth that discourse is determined by the choice of the decision context, contextual factors that change would affect the meaning of language and language forms. Firth factors for the first time situational context abstraction, so that people in the process of combining contextual analysis significance, not only can more fully take into account a variety of contextual factors, and can more clearly explain significance of changes due to changes in context phenomenon. Some context relative to a set of language choice of the form and context in the event of changes in the language in which the choice of form will change accordingly, also with the meaning of language change. This is a major breakthrough in the context of theoretical leap, it is not only in the sense of context constitute notice to explain the role, but also through the broad situational context factors, indicating that the context of language structure or language function generates a real impact, the theory Halliday further explore contextual variables and language structure or function of the correspondence between the language of great inspiration. London School Halliday as a master, he will be divided into three contextual factors: the scope of discourse, discourse tone of discourse. He felt that the three contextual factors influence on language, namely the concept of language function, interpersonal function, discourse function of impact, thereby constraining the semantics of the language system. His recent years this theory has attracted many domestic linguists. HU Zhuang Lin, Zhu Yongsheng, Xu Yuchen, etc., from different angles Halliday correctness of the theory are discussed. As a special language domain, the legal language of the law has been much blamed outsiders. Many called legal language as a foreign language and want of legal language concise. Concise language movement began in the United Kingdom. Since then, people continue to struggle for language rights, hoping to get linguistic equality. Legal language as a highly professional language, first by the criticism. However, after the reform of the legal language of the obscure nature of the accusation has not been reduced. Thus, there exists a contradiction, that the law concise and professional conflicts. In the context of Halliday factors constraining language semantics systematic theoretical basis, this paper considers a number of legislative language can be easy, but we can not lose its professionalism. Contextual factors restricting legal language semantics of the language elements of the law, which is to become the objective factors of legal language, legislators can not in order to simplify and to the loss of some of the essential features. This paper is divided into five chapters. The first chapter introduces the concept of context and significance of this study; second chapter of legal language research literature review, a brief introduction of the research status of legal language and legal language features; third chapter analyzed and presented in London Linguistic research context, especially Halliday contribution to the study of context; fourth chapter of the article is important chapters macro contextual factors were investigated and text contextual factors language semantics system of legal constraints on the role; final section chapters obtained legal language concise and professional relationships dialectical unity, this dialectical relationship is very important for the legislation guiding significance.

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