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Research on the Primitive Folk Custom Sports in the Minnan Folk Custom Ceremony

Author LiLi
Tutor GuoQiongZhu
School Xiamen University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Ceremony of folk custom Primitive folk custom sports San gong luo shui cao
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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In the ethnology and anthropology,"the ceremony" is the most ancient and universal social culture phenomenon,and it is the packet of traditional culture.The ceremony gathers multi-dimensional symbol of one local cultural,it is one cultural system micro shrinks manifests,and it is one of origins of primitive folk custom sports.The ceremony of "San gong luo shui cao"is the belief ceremonies which has spread more than 500 year in Guitang Village,Yanxi Town,Changtai.It is held to commemorate the famous minister of Resisting Yuan in the Southern Song Dynasty:Mingchen,Wen Tianxiang, Zhang Shijie,Lu Xiufu.They laid down their life for one’s country.It contained the ancient Minnan folk custom culture.In the respect of ethnology,it was merely a folk belief activity item;But in the respect of folk sport’s study angle,it is containing many folk custom sports element,and it has the remarkable folk custom sports characteristic and the sports social value.It is the primitive sports in traditional culture resources in the rural society,and it is also the resources of developing the countryside traditional sports. Although,nowadays "San gong luo shui cao" has received the honor of Non-material cultural heritage in Fujian Province,but,with influences of many disadvantage factor’s, the development form is quite stern.Therefore,this article take the real diagnosis investigation of believes ceremony of"San gong luo shui cao" as a example,to discusses the Minnan folk custom belief ceremony and the original primitive folk custom sports occurrence in depth,so as to discusses the relations between their development and origin, at the same time to understood the shape,the characteristic and the present develop contents of that the primitive folk custom sports,it has important significance to enrich original primitive folk custom sports’ theoretical knowledge and to serve for sustainable development of the original primitive folk custom sports.This article utilizes literature research techniques,field survey procedure,logical analytic method and questionnaire survey procedure,and outlined the origin,the classification and the development of Minnan folk custom belief,and analysed the relations between the Minnan folk custom belief meter and the original primitive folk custom sports.And the article took "San gong luo shui cao" as the example to analysed the historical origin,the sports essence,the cultural characteristic,the traditional function,and its inheritance foundation of the original primitive folk custom sports,and inquired the existence’s practical significance of the original primitive folk custom sports,and discuss the difficult position in the origin of primitive folk custom sports in the development evolution and the current development,so as to promotes the countermeasure in primitive folk custom sports development.The findings thought:(1)Before the Qin and Han dynasties,the Minnan severe natural environment caused the Minyue person to form tradition of"fond of the witchcraft and advocate the ghost",it provide origin hotbed of the folk custom belief.Han nationality moved to the south,with the economical development and the cultural fusion,the Minnan folk custom belief development is pour into the new blood,and caused the Minnan folk custom belief growth, mature,and presented the numerous temples and Gods.Its worship object may divide into: 1.nature worship;2.Taoism vulgar god worship;3.Buddhism vulgar god worship; 4.ancestor worship;5.the profession founder worships;6.the village notables worship. But each folk custom belief has a set completely "the sacrificial offering ceremony", walks the king to meet the god,the acting in a play competition,to shear the incense money spirit and so on,it is containing the rich original primitive folk custom sports.(2) "San gong luo shui cao" is the result of The group of Ye’s ancestors and the "Southern Song Sanjie of″fighting for the relationship between colleagues,and the loyalty of the national spirit and noble spirit of national integrity of "Southern Song Sanjie",so that moved the clan people,they set up it.It has the original primitive of the natural essence of folk sports and social nature,but it doesn’t set apart from the religious ceremony entirely, there is no scientific physical movement rules,so it can not form sports in the modern sense,it is in natural state,created by the group of Ye and it is the form of the existence of a culture in the process of historical development,it reserved original culture and the original,and it is a former of primitive folk custom sports.(3) "San gong luo shui cao" experience the free market economy,planned economy, the reform and opening up the three stages of development.It has the original cultural identity,such as the characters of regional,local,and clans and groups,and practical utilitarian,mandatory eco-folk sports.It originated from the psychological needs of the villagers,and has certain degree of economic fundamentals and so is inherited by now in the positive organizations of the clansman.It has the original ecological functions of traditional folk sports,such as the function of identification of villages traditional cultural identity groups,integrated village communities,teaching traditional folk culture.It is the carrier of traditional villages,it can enrich resources of the village folk sports,make the villagers life colorful,and promote rural economic development.(4) With the influence of modern social development,the development of primitive folk custom sports has a number of difficulties:1.The enforcement weakness of government administrative;2.The weakening of identification of primitive folk custom sports;3.The social changes in the structure of the village,the single mode of passing and so on.(5) The protective measures of the primitive folk custom sports in the Minnan folk custom ceremony:1.Strengthening the Government’s support,developing protection measures;2.Improving the cultural identity and self-confidence of primitive folk custom sports;3.Changing the traditional mode of transmission,increasing the reserve of talents; 4.Enriching village sports resource,becoming the bright spots of village of sports resources.

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