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Quench Water PH Automatic Control Technology Application in Cracking Unit

Author LuoZhenTao
Tutor DuanYuBo
School Northeast University of Petroleum
Course Electrical Engineering
Keywords Cracking Unit Quench water PH automatic control technology
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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pH value of production in the petrochemical industry is a common process control objects, but because of its special characteristics of the process, the control process in the vast majority only in the open-loop control or contact control condition, can not achieve continuous fine-tuning control objectives . This control situation, obviously does not meet those requirements for higher pH values the needs of the petrochemical production process. And because the pH fluctuations can cause fluctuations in the production process, product quality unstable, reduce product yield, a serious waste of energy and material consumption, equipment corrosion and environmental pollution and so on.This paper describes the use of sophisticated control technology, the PH value of cold cracking emergency automatic control, through a number of advanced techniques, can be associated with acute cold water and process water, PH value, stability control in a certain range. PH value to avoid excessive cold water caused acute and acute cold water emulsion at the same time, reduce the PH value is too low acute cold vapor stripper and a number of process heat exchangers and other equipment, the possibility of acid corrosion. While the dilution steam generator also play a better protective effect for acute cold water installations, process equipment and dilution water vapor to mention the smooth operation of steam plant equipment to provide effective guarantees, will help secure the long-term stability of ethylene plant operations, and related equipment operational life extended, thereby reducing maintenance costs.After transformation, the cracker PH value of the chilled water system emergency control system of automatic control of production so far, the entire control process continuous and stable operation, the control system has good robustness, speed and stability, the system has strong anti-interference ability and tracking system ability

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