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PCI-E bus - based high - speed large-capacity data recording system software design

Author LiGuangChun
Tutor HuangJianGuo
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords PCI Express bus Data recording Instrument Driver Multithreading Application
CLC TP311.52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Is a high-speed large-capacity data recording system can achieve high-speed data acquisition, continuous data recording and the modular recording apparatus of large capacity data storage. It can be integrated into a wide range of radar, electronic warfare, digital communications and other electronic equipment that require high-speed data acquisition; continuous data recording and high-capacity data storage features of the high-speed large-capacity data recording system in the field of defense, aerospace, geological exploration has an indispensable position. Data recording system high-speed, high-capacity software design requirements, the technical research papers on the system of instrument drivers and application design. Data recording system software system consists of a device driver (kernel mode driver), the instrument driver (user mode driver), and the three modules of the application. Instrument drivers for the upper application device control interface (API) function, the application by calling the instrument driver provides various API functions to achieve control of the various functional modules in the instrument hardware. This paper introduces the PCI Express (referred to as the PCI-E) bus technology and WDM device driver based on a detailed exposition of the development process of a high-speed large-capacity data recording system instrument drivers. The high-speed large-capacity data recording system can be divided into two parts of the data acquisition system and data recording systems. The data recording system comes with the instrument driver recording system can be mapped into one or more logical disk of the host system. Application through the operating system on the mapping of the logical disk access can be realized on the hardware operation of the data recording system. Data acquisition system of the instrument driver function function into the function of the device class the register configuration class function, the control function of the command class, the DMA operation class functions, to interrupt class function function. Application design combined with continuing record demand for high-speed large-capacity data recording system using a ring buffer technology, multi-threading technology and Demand Mode DMA technology, to achieve the design requirements of the data recording system of high-speed, large capacity. The data recording system applications using a combination of VC Labwindows / CVI development platform designed the modular instrument control interface. The control interface not only to achieve a real-time display of the sampled waveform, and the user can easily control the various functions of the hardware system through the control interface. Currently, the system has successfully completed the design and testing of early prototypes, instrument drivers and applications to meet the design requirements of the data recording system of high-speed, large-capacity. In actual use, the system is running, the recorded data is true and reliable, continuous recording speed of up to 120MB / s, the recording capacity of up to 1TB.

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