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Applied Research of spatial power combining antenna array

Author LuTong
Tutor YangFeng
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
Keywords Spatial power combining Parallel beams Cross beam Array integrated Micro - genetic methods
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Produce the physical mechanism of the high-power microwave and the process structural limitations of microwave devices, microwave source has a power ceiling, so the research by the antenna array synthesis technology to achieve high power space power has an important significance in free space. Spatial power combining as a complex system engineering, the content to be studied more, this paper focuses on the realization of the principle of spatial power combining antenna lineup it, the main contents include: a variety of characteristics of the array in the form of discussions and analysis; research under multiple constraints, the integrated approach of the three-dimensional sparse array; study cross beam spatial power combining method, and studied the distribution of the electric field strength goal at law. When the target is in the far zone of the antenna array can be used the traditional array theory that parallel beam analysis. Narrowband high power microwave often work in the short pulse regime, when each unit while feeding, since the array transit time exists, to limit the selection of the largest diameter of the array, the physical size of the antenna limits the selection of the smallest element spacing. Therefore, this paper studies the integrated approach of the three-dimensional sparse array \In the spatial power combiner of the application, by changing the layout of the antenna array can be used to improve the utilization efficiency of the finite power control of beam shape. In this article four categories of fitness function is set by adjusting the location of the array elements and precise control of the phase of each unit feed, improve array directivity coefficient, increase the proportion of fixed solid angle of the space power, to suppress grating lobe and sidelobes in the beam The scanning process to achieve low sidelobe azimuthal symmetry characteristics. Have the same caliber and the sparse rate is about 11% of array, compare the performance of the array of evenly spaced rectangular array and integrated, to verify the effectiveness of the method. When the target is in the near region of the array, while in the far zone of each unit when the electric field at a target, since the main beam of each antenna to point to a different direction FIG multiplying principle VALID cross beam method for analysis. And the parallel beams is different, the cross beam at the target area to produce interference fringes. Since the antenna main beam pointing at the target of the same cause electric polarization, this article conformal array analysis method to calculate the distribution of the electric field of the target at. Assuming that the goal at the antenna radiated electromagnetic wave polarization direction, the paper analyzes the target area at the electric field distribution law is derived after the study of the impact of distribution of the electric field due to the polarization direction of the target area at.

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