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A Study on Tourism Development of People with Disabilities in China

Author WuChaoShuai
Tutor ZhangGuangHai
School Ocean University of China
Course Tourism Management
Keywords Disabled travel Accessible Tourism Tourism market Travel Destinations
CLC F592
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Reasons become more evident as the phenomenon of an aging society and the rising incidence of various types of disasters, coupled with the disability standards gradually refined show a continued growth momentum for the number of the disabled population in the world, has reached 650 million, of which China's disabled population Nearly 1/7 is an urgent need to focus on a large community. In view of the complexity of the causes of disability, the disabled population distribution at all levels of society, and on the demand side also exhibit diverse characteristics; rapid economic development of society on the basis of material life needs to meet the disability groups, and prompted the group to generate higher level of pursuit, such as social interaction, self-esteem and self-actualization, and participation in the tourism and leisure activities as one of the ways to meet the demand for high-level domestic Disabled attractive. Firstly, a classified summary of research at home and abroad so far in the field; Secondly, the developed countries to take practical measures for people with disabilities tourism development and the market situation analysis; Finally, in reference to the foreign Disabled Tourism Development on the basis of practical experience and research, combined with today's domestic development, the system described and analyzed from a more macro perspective on the problems encountered in the process of the disabled in China travel, and pointed out that the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions. Relative to developed countries in all areas of general concern to the disability groups, the majority of people with disabilities in China is still in the neglected stage, not only difficult to protect its economic life, including employment, education, health care and other welfare measures are also difficult to implement, while accessibility infrastructure there is a serious lack of construction in their daily lives, from the social environment is a serious impediment to the development of the domestic tourism industry for persons with disabilities. In addition, the factors that affect people with disabilities travel is also reflected in the disabilities themselves, as well as tourism market, such as the fear the Disabled Inferiority it to participate in social interaction, lack of tourism enterprises a targeted tourism products or failed to provide professional services, government agencies, the lack of effective promotion and regulatory mechanisms. This paper caused by the government, enterprises and social tourism point of view of people with disabilities and the groups concerned about in rich domestic Disabled travel-related theory on the basis of trying to analysis through a more comprehensive theoretical and practical experience, the relevant departments to recognize more clearly to the groups unique behavioral characteristics and the spirit behind the demand, on the one hand to provide services and products for daily life and to establish an effective monitoring mechanism and welfare safeguards; On the other hand, this group provide professional travel services and personalized of the tourism product, it as soon as possible to form a stable specific travel market, so as to promote the rapid development and expansion of the tourism industry. Two at the same time involved in the construction of barrier-free facilities, including accessible tourism infrastructure of such a tourist resources in the country in terms of its degree of perfection, not only affects the reachability of the destination, and also greatly affect the tourism resources in China on developed countries, the attraction of tourists with disabilities. Should construction complete thereby forming a virtuous circle: tourism revenues again into the construction and maintenance of the barrier-free facilities, and then expand the scale of inbound tourism for the disabled, revisit rate, can also be discounts to attract domestic economic pressures Disabled added to the tourism ranks; addition, the development of inbound tourism will cause a greater degree the attention of the Executive and Legislative departments, relevant laws and regulations of the establishment of a sound, good institutional support travel for domestic Disabled. Of course, the mature development of the China Disabled Persons' tourism is not an easy thing, a comprehensive social parties established theoretical system and put into practice test while this process is usually quite lengthy. But with the depth of social inclusion and the concept of humane care, disability groups generally weak position in social progress and development will gradually be changed and get promoted, related to the establishment of the mechanism and the implementation of measures, not only can improve the travel system for persons with disabilities, but also conducive to clear the obstacles encountered in that group travel, thus contributing to the huge potential of people with disabilities tourism consumption and give full play.

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