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Research of Hebei Storage System 10 Years before the Anti-Japanese War

Author HaoLeNa
Tutor FengHanZhang
School Hebei Normal
Course Modern Chinese History
Keywords Warehousing system 10 years before the war Hebei Province
CLC F259.29
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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10 years before the war, the Hebei provincial government under the Nanjing National Government warehouse storing up grain policies, the implementation of a set of province warehouse storing up grain system. In this study, based on organize a large number of files, literature, test the overall process of of Hebei Province warehousing system, specific content, the effectiveness of the implementation of the practice problems and insufficient to do a preliminary study. This paper is divided into four parts: The first part provides an overview of the overall process of of Hebei Province warehousing system. Looking at the 10 years before the war, Hebei Province warehousing system, with continuous adjustment of the Nanjing National Government warehouse storing up grain policy changes can be roughly divided into reconstruction and rectify basically established, tenacious hovering three different stages, each stage Its characteristics. Reconstruction and rectification stage storage system in Hebei Province, the area of ??the barn set to the level of the county (city) and county positions as Taiwanese counties will set positions. County positions in the the warehousing system established stage, and township positions for the province will set up positions, the District positions by counties discretion of their local situation set up: plot barn set county into District and township (town) level. Warehousing systems have been gradually improved, while the southern provinces advocated organizing new agricultural warehouse, Hebei Province due to war, natural disasters and other reasons, the storage system based on the original cling hovering injection of fresh blood, not storing up grain for the province of warehousing, with the anti-Japanese the outbreak of war, Hebei Province, the the warehousing system also nothing. The second part describes the specific contents of the storage system in Hebei Province. The Hebei Province warehouse storing up grain in the solicitation and use of the set up and management of the area of ??the barn, barn, barn regularly check the formation of a more comprehensive warehouse storing up grain system. Required to plot barn set on two kinds of official positions and granary, 10 years, Hebei Province, has been the main official positions, donated by the private office less granary; management of the plot barn, granary management Committee, the joint responsibility of the Government and the people and the place someone is responsible for three forms; on in Kuratani solicitation, the solicitation folk donate a plot and local public funds handled two, the the Solicitation number of further quantify standard; in Kuratani use Ping Tiao, scattered put and a system of regular inspections of the loan in three forms; barn maturing. The third part is mainly to study the implementation of Hebei Province warehousing system. Warehousing system in Hebei Province, a well-planned and put into practice, but did not achieve the desired results of the system design. Plot barn set on county positions around the original granary based on rectification and expansion, the warehouse district, township from scratch, but did not realize the counties to have positions in the the District warehouse district, township and township positions in the target; storage management beyond the joint responsibility of the Government and the public stage, a direct transition to the responsibility of local hand from the granary Management Committee; the few barn raising with local public funds handled, solicitation apportionments, anywhere grain levy Valley, Juanmu number of Solicitation design goals far cry from the system; Ping Tiao dissipate into the atmosphere, lending only play a certain extent its purpose; better barn regularly check the implementation of systems, district inspectors are able to seriously inspection, but the inspection results are not ideal, does not play by the rules, the Valley section hair supplier interest-earning purchased Valley real storage is only reporting the number of no real plot, warehousing career has not been to do not match up grain quantity and should be the product of the number of circumstances have occurred. Part IV Comment Hebei Province warehousing system. 10 years before the war, Hebei Province warehousing system set actively barn management system, barn Solicitation Solicitation number has improved, played some role in relief to victims, has made some achievements. However, in the implementation process, some of the deficiencies and shortcomings of the storage system has become increasingly prominent: the design of the system is not reasonable; the warehousing career development imbalance; the mismanagement Kuratani throughout. Looking at the achievements and shortcomings of the 10 years before the war, Hebei Province warehousing system, left to posterity some experience and learn: the design of the system can not be divorced from reality; warehousing implementation of the system need to play the enthusiasm of both officials and the public; warehousing system implementation requires a stable society environment.

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