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Research on Management System Reform of Municipal Public Utilities in China

Author DingZuo
Tutor WangShuWen
School Ocean University of China
Course Administration
Keywords Municipal utilities Management system Governing Body Management and operation mechanism Institution building
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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World-wide reform of the utilities from the set off a wave of administrative reforms since the late 1870s. Especially since the 1970s, the intensification of inflation, the reduction of government revenue, the high social welfare spending, the government is facing a crisis of confidence and crisis management, and gradually embarked on the road to reform. In China, with the establishment of the socialist market economic system, the advance of urbanization and economic structure of a variety of ownership, the process of marketization of municipal utilities and municipal utilities management system is a gradual manner. Our current management system of municipal utilities to achieve substantive results, the specific problem and root cause analysis carding reform process, drawing on the experience of the reform of the Western countries, learn from each other, the main role and the role of different management positioning management system, a clear management structure elements, necessary and reasonable. Actual municipal utilities management system perspective, the use of theoretical and practical combination of comparative analysis and system analysis studies. Follow from theory to practice, from the general to the particular, from the simple to the complex analysis from domestic to foreign routes, the subject and the factors the system to investigate the actual situation of the management system reform of China's municipal utilities. This article the main body is divided into five parts: the first introduces the research background, significance, research, research ideas, research methods and research content; theoretical analysis and municipal utilities management reform; expounded China municipal utilities management system reform evolution of related issues in the reform process analysis and specific recommendations on proposed reform of municipal utilities management; introduce specific history and experience of the four countries of the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany, the reform of the management system of the municipal utilities; to provide reference for the practice of reform. The main conclusions: (1) on the basis of the theory defined utilities, municipal utilities and municipal utilities management system, content management system proposed municipal utilities including: municipal utilities management settings and functions of the agency, management and operation mechanism of the municipal utilities, municipal utilities management system construction. (2) Since the beginning of reform and opening up of municipal utilities management system reform course is divided into initial development, the rapid development of the three phases. Municipal utilities management institutions exist non-standard set of government regulatory agencies, offside and the absence of government management functions, social supervision and management institutions and the lack of public participation, management and operation mechanism of the municipal utilities there between government and enterprises regardless of the lack of government responsibility, imperfect mechanism of competition, investment and financing system lag, municipal utilities management system construction there are inadequate legal system and policy barriers. (3) combing its reform process from the objectives of the reform, the approach to reform of the four countries of the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany, summed up the national reform experience. (4) proposed specific measures recommended municipal utilities management system. Management agencies, municipal utilities, regulatory agencies should be clearly set principle, the horizontal and vertical relations between the settings and functions of regulatory agencies and other government departments; management and operation mechanism of the municipal utilities, should be accurate grasp of the role of government establish and improve the mechanism of competition, to speed up the reform of the investment and financing system; municipal utilities management system construction should focus on improving the legal system, establish and improve the franchise system, bidding system and modern enterprise system. The main innovation of this paper: (1) the current practice of municipal utilities management system involving multiple levels of the economic level, the political level and social level, and the academic community on this issue be explored more departure from the economic level on specific practice The ways and means of analysis, neither the political level and the social level, but also the lack of a systematic study of the departure from the management system as a whole. This article, trying to learn from previous related research and reform practical experience based on analysis of specific issues in the reform from systemic and normative perspective. (2) From the theoretical level of municipal utilities management system elements to be defined. (3) on the basis of analysis of the evolution of our municipal utilities management system history, from the regulatory agencies, the management and operation mechanism and management system to build three aspects to explore specific issues in the reform process and produce a deep-seated roots of the related issues, and proposed specific measures for the reform of the management system of China's municipal utilities, making more systematic and clear analysis of the practice of reform, making the study of the theory to a more realistic value.

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