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Phenomenological Model of the Electromagnetic Decay of the Neutral Pseudo-scalar Mesons (π0, η and η*958)

Author LiaoQiLi
Tutor ZhangZhongCan
School Chongqing University
Course Theoretical Physics
Keywords neutral pseudo-scalar meson electromagnetic decay effective electromagnetic coupling constant decay width decay branch proportion
CLC O572.33
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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It is shown that Lagrangian density operator of electromagnetic interaction should satisfy elementary conditions of Hermitian , gauge invariance, and the character of Lorentz scalar operator , we expand the traditional electromagnetic decay effective theory into the situation ,which includes many neutral mesons based on the idea of S.Weinberg in effective coupling constant theory.Therefore, in this paper, we initially introduce modified Lagangrian density operator of electromagnetic interaction which include three parameters. Then we depict electromagnetic decay effective theory of three neutral pseudo-scalar mesons ofπ~0﹑ηandη~* ( 958) respectively by the modified operator. Furthermore, we verify Hermitian operator, which meets Lorentz scalar invariance and electromagnetic interaction gauge invariance. Finally, we calculate the decay width and decay branch proportion ofπ~0、ηandη~* ( 958)decaying double photons with the interaction theory respectively. We find out that the conclusion is very closed to the experimental data .We study the case that electromagnetic decay ofηandη~* ( 958)which generate the many body with the phenomenological model, We also reveal the essence of electromagnetic decay of neutral pseudo-scalar mesonsπ~0、ηandη~* ( 958) on basis of Chiral Anomaly Theory, and their internal construction that they are quarkonium states made of quark ,anti-quark and mixed states.This paper would be useful on studying effective theory of electromagnetic of neutral pseudo-scalar mesons.

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