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The Technology Analysis of High-Tech Architecture

Author AnXiaoXiao
Tutor WangXueSong
School Chongqing University
Course Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords High-tech building Technology Technical Thinking Technology and Space Technology and structure
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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In the 21st century, the rapid development of technology permeates every aspect of social life, countries and concern for the technology's performance is also showing a different state, outstanding foreign architects in creative practice reflects not only the skillful use of technical means, but also reflects the careful technical thinking, however, many architects have neglected the domestic technology on modern life and ways of thinking influence in the creation of more attention in the form of technology, resulting in a large number of \For the domestic \perfect integration, the paper through seven chapters launched a high-tech building for technical analysis. The first chapter is an introduction, first through the high-tech building in which the historical background, technical background history comb to determine the purpose and significance of research papers, followed by collection and field research literature combining research methods to analyze existing research results and specific cases, and thus establish the thesis specific content and logic. The second chapter is theoretical research, from a macro perspective defines the high-tech building extension and content, that the thesis is targeted at that time under the conditions of the use of advanced technology, and to meet the needs of social development through the integration of new technologies to improve and improving the quality of the human environment, and strongly expressed in the creation and discovery of new aesthetic trend of building types, namely high-tech buildings. And through to trace the origin of high-tech architecture, combined with speculative thinking technology to explore the technology and technical thinking and the effects, and then said: architectural and technological progress from the ideological influence of the architect's design methods and tools; technical thinking more For the construction of technology through the creation of philosophy, aesthetics and design techniques such as the impact on the physical and spiritual level and on the evolution of architectural creation plays an important role in guiding change ways of thinking. The third chapter to chapter VI, to determine the technical development as the main line, to the construction and development of technologies to generate ideas as a starting point, high-tech building experienced bud - Development - Prosperity - Reflection - transformed the history of ups and downs Process for the time line. From a technical and space, technology and architecture, technology and the epidermis (form), four levels of technology and high-tech equipment and on behalf of the architect architectural works were analyzed and summarized, in-depth study of contemporary high-tech construction technology in the creation and development of the role and Significance: surrounded by the full range of technical, creative thinking in the high-tech building, from the view of the world to the people themselves need, from the architectural design process to the construction process, architectural space, structure, function, equipment, four elements are fully penetration by modern technology. Chapter VII Conclusion Finally, from a complex technology brings hesitation, technical thinking, worries, high-tech building triggered tidalcurrent, symbols and other aspects of high-tech buildings reflect potential problems. Combined with China's national conditions, the objective sort of high-tech building on the domestic impact in various fields, in particular in: regional understanding of a comprehensive economic analysis of long-term effects of technological innovation, technological revolution in thinking four dimensions. Building on technology and high-tech for sure, they also examine objectively evaluate the value it has. Papers concluding states: the building of high-tech building techniques, humanities, history, context, nature, environment and other factors considered important for the performance of technology presents human tendency toward the historical context, the spirit of place and the integration of the natural environment, the final show of high-tech intelligent building, ecological, geographical and so diversified development trend.

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