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Some Kinds of Roof Garden Plant Compatibility and Disposition Research

Author LinYanFang
Tutor LinSiZu
School Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
Course Ornamental Plants and Horticulture
Keywords roof garden plants substrate adaptivity configuration
CLC TU985.125
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The roof garden can increase the green space coverage rate, and alleviate the conflict of growing tension in urban area day by day。It also can strive for the biggest green space area within limited space。It not only provides a comfortable rest and weariness-eliminating place for the inhabitants after working hours,but also can be an important measure in protecting nature, adjusting the microclimate,purifying the atmosphere,shading coverage,reducing the room temperature。And it also can be a good practice in beautifying the city and activating the landscape in the urban。The roof garden plays an important role in the urban garden construction and the ecological environment construction。The key factors in the roof garden building are the choice of the substrate and the plants’species and the rational configuration of the roof plants,which are also an important landscape problem that are always perplexing the landscape worker for years。This article carries out comparative analysis on the current common-used substrate based on the roof garden′s related researches and the objective conditions of Fuzhou′s climate and conducts the compatible researches by selecting 10 kinds of common garden plants from Fuzhou and planting them on the roof, then do analysis on the roof plant′s selection principles and configuration ways。By doing the analytical study, such conclusions can be drawn:First, for the poor planting conditions on the roof, the substrate are needed whose water retention value and fat retention value are high。During the entire leaching experiment, the percentage of nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium in the solution with grass peat substrate is obviously higher than the solution without the grass peat substrate,and here the grass peat plays an important role。Therefore,in terms of moisture content and the nutrient, the choice of grass peat is necessary when choosing substrate。Second, under the same cultivating condions,different plants have different responses to water stress。The plant’s drought resistance is mainly represented in the indicatons of the plant growth’s shape characteristic , the leaf’s relative water content , leaf’s relative permeability of the plasmca membrane,CAT、POD activity and so on. The result obtained from the synthetical experiment is that the drought resistance ability of the plant experimented here,from strong to week,is: Sedum lineare Thunb. T> Ophiopogon japonicus (L. F.)Ker-Gawl.> Araliaceae Hedesa`L> Euonymus japonicus Thunb>Jasiminum nudiflorum> Ligustrum X vicaryi> Celosiae Cristatae > Dahlia pinnata Cav > Zinnia elagans > Calendula officinalis。Third , under the same cultivating condions , different plant’s responses to low temperature stress vary greatly。During the experiment, the indications of the plant’s morphological characteristics, membrame ermeability,free roline content,water-soluble sugar content and other indicators are used to represent the plant’s cold tolerance。The synthetical experiment result obtained from the experimented plants is that their cold tolerance ability ,from strong to week, is :Sedum lineare Thunb. T> Jasiminum nudiflorum > Ligustrum X vicaryi > Euonymus japonicus Thunb > Araliaceae Hedesa`L > Ophiopogon japonicus (L. F.)Ker-Gawl.> Dahlia pinnata Cav > Calendula officinalis > Zinnia elagans >elosiae Cristatae。During the roof garden plant selection and configuration,the first thing needing consideration is the adaptability of the plants (plants of the biological characteristics) to ensure the survival; based on this, the following thing is to consider the roof garden plant’s configuration in the dirrection of the landscape aesthetics theory。So finally the article provides a preliminary theory for the roof garden plants’cultivating substrate and the choices and configuration of plant species。

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