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Design of Reciprocatingwire Outfit of Mwedmand Research on It’s Control System

Author WuHongLiang
Tutor DiShiChun
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords MWEDM Wire system constant control of tension ADAMS Matlab/Simulink
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Tension control is important component part in many industrial productionprocess control and for improving the quality of products it plays a vital role, butalso is an important indicator for measuring MWEDM’s performance. In theWEDM’s process, because different electrode wire by the impact of externalforces, it is difficult to maintain a constant tension. The vibration of Electrodewire tension caused by the changes of the wire electrode tensility is the importantreason, which conduced to deterioration of machining accuracy and processingthe surface quality, in order to reduce the vibration of the wire electrode itsconstant tension control is great significance.This is the research on micro-devices WEDM conducted a series of studies,available through the large number of relevant literature, on the basis of analysisand research on constant speed and control tension work’s principle of theelectrode wire, using ADAMS multi-body dynamics analysis software to theexisting simulation on reciprocating Wire agencies of WEDM and researching onwire electrode changes in tension in the motor commutation process by changingthe size of discharge force and mathematical functions. Then through ADAMSadopted the environment and joint control of the ADAMS and Matlab/Simulinkestablishing feedback control system of tension force. Closed-loop tensioncontrol inputs to the default value, compared with the actual tension afteramplification PID control regulation imposed on the block in the weights ofcontrolled thereby controling the movement the entire system model to reach orapproach the ideal state.Secondly, taking on the constant tension wire system to improve theprogramme. Through the making a study of existing WEDM using weightsconstant tension presence of a series of shortcomings, on the basis of a regulationcan be achieved double-cylinder storage constant tension control devices. Thecontrol device can overcome the shortcomings of body weights constant tensionand realized the tension from the mechanical to electrical control tension control.Then through ADAMS adopted the environment and joint control of the ADAMSand Matlab/Simulink establishing feedback control system of tension force. Closed-loop tension control inputs to the default value, compared with the actualtension after amplification PID control regulation imposed on motor controlledtorque thereby controling the movement the entire system model to reach orapproach the ideal state.Finally, the double-cylinder storage wire agencies and the original systemtension wire were made comparative analysis, on the basis of the original Wiresystem improvement programme tension fluctuations more small and the tensionof the wire electrode distributed more evenly. New constant tension wire systemcan make tension exact and real-time control and avoid the inappropriate size ofthe tension broken wire or electrode wire bending to improve processing accuracy,in future provide a theoretical basis for improving the experimental device.

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