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Using the Microarray Technology to Study on Differential Expression Gene of Alhagi Sparsifolia Root under Salinity Stress

Author ZhaoJie
Tutor ZhangBoï¼›WangTao
School Xinjiang Agricultural University
Course Grassland
Keywords Alhagi sparsifolia Gene chip NaCl stress Differentially expressed genes Clone
CLC S548
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Sparse leaves of salt-tolerant legume Xinjiang Alhagi pseudalhagi (Alhagi sparsifolia) as the research object , its seed germination salt tolerance ; the cut type alfalfa genome using Affymetrix chip (Medicago GenomeArray), including 61,278 probe 0h and 24h the detection Alhagi sparsifolia radicle 220mmol/LNaCl stress differences expressed genes , GO functional annotation of gene expression differences analysis , combined with PCR primers were designed to probe corresponding functional genes in sparse leaf Alhagi cloning ; establish a the stem segments Alhagi sparsifolia vitro micropropagation system , and to lay the foundation for the determination of the seedling stage . The main findings are as follows : 1. The sparse leaves Alhagi seed 300mmol/LNaCl concentration germination rate of 100 % still germination 700mmol/LNaCl concentration , the germination rate of 40 % ; 400-700mmol / L under salt stress , the germination rate with the downward trend in salt concentration , root length was negatively correlated with the salt concentration . 2 61278 probe , 0h detected 5133 , 24h , 5378 . 246 differentially expressed genes , which raised 147 , 119 downward . By GO analysis partially cut differentially expressed genes , the differential expression of genes involved in energy metabolism , signal transduction, material transport , cell wall synthesis . 4 using the PCR technique to clone the Alhagi sparsifolia FDH gene , the total length of the coding region of 840bp ( 36-875 ) , encodes a 280 amino acid sequence . Coding sequences and protein sequences legume Lotus corniculatus (Lotus corniculatus) corresponding sequence homology of 91% and 90% , respectively . 5 Alhagi sparsifolia stem segments the micropropagation system : MS 0.5 mg / L 6- BA 0.1 mg / L NAA 1.5g / L LH, proliferation multiples of 6.8; LH can promote the growth of seedlings , increased bud differentiation capacity , GA < sub> 3 Alhagi stem segments from tissue culture no significant role in promoting.

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