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On Manifestation of Nouns’ Grammatical Information in ECLDs

Author SuYuJie
Tutor ShengPeiLin
School Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Error Analysis Noun error Chinese learner corpus English-Chinese dictionary for Chinese learners China Advanced Learners
CLC H319
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Nouns in English is a very complex content words, not only in the singular and plural variations, but also in the diversity of the parts of speech that can be used with nouns. Terms of the points of countable and uncountable countable noun several changes, and uncountable nouns plural variations. Qualifier can be used between countable and uncountable nouns there are also differences. Term not only want to verbs, adjectives, prepositions used with, and can even be used in conjunction with other terms. Therefore, there are some difficulties nouns Acquisition advanced learners of Chinese. In addition, because the language between different configurations, a Chinese word may have multiple English words with. Because of the common problems, English and Chinese noun synonymous, near and Semantic Analysis of the foreign language learning process. Learners in the process of learning English total will inevitably make mistakes, advanced learners is no exception. For targeted analysis and research, it is very necessary for the learner 's dictionary, but also has important guiding significance of learner errors. Corpus, especially learner corpus research not only reveals the inherent law of learner language but also helps to the lexicographer more focus on user-friendly. Leave the support of the Chinese Learner Corpus (CLEC) can not successfully compile the one for the Chinese learners of English and Chinese learning dictionary. This study is to optimize the English and Chinese learning dictionary nouns of information presentation mode to help learners better acquisition of English nouns. In order to achieve this goal, the paper corpus-based research methods, conducted two empirical studies. First, with AntConc corpus search software CLEC learners common errors gather. British National Corpus (BNC) by sketch Engine the Chinese learners fallible term retrieval, and make use of the the Error Analysis noun collected errors objective analysis, found that Chinese learners are often the error of the following terms: countable and uncountable distinction between difficulties and nouns with errors, and so with the other part of speech. The second empirical study and learn the four mainstream learning English Dictionary, five Chinese dictionary scholars and researchers compiled a well-known Chinese and English Learner's Dictionary noun processing, and other learners error dictionary, and summarizes other linguists noun errors made in research experience. In addition, the preferences of Chinese learners dictionary, this study also do the survey to survey results and provides guidance on how to improve the user-friendly form of expression. On the basis of the comparison CLEC and BNC, summed up the English learning dictionary on Chinese learners prominent nouns error processing revelation, proposed improvements for the Chinese learners of English-Chinese dictionary and noun syntax information to optimize the processing mode spline.

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