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On Magical Realism in Gloria Naylor’s Mama Day

Author MaYongFeng
Tutor LiMeiHua
School Xiamen University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Gloria Naylor Wearing mother Magic realism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Gloria Naylor is distinguished twentieth-century African-American female writer. Her third novel, \Book of magic realism a perfect demonstration of the artistic charm of the novel, and attracted a large number of readers. Magic realism is a new form of artistic expression, this art form is by some magical elements or illogical event placed on the reality, \It has been applied to other fields of literature, painting and film. Magic realism to create a explore the reality of the new method. In other words, as a new theory of literary realism, magic realism show supernatural, fantasy and magical phenomenon to find the true reality hidden behind them. In addition to following the basic principle of creation of magic realism, that confuse the boundaries and create a magical world of fantasy and reality to reveal and reflect the current social reality, magic realism writer also good at using the Bible and other cultural myth prototype so the reality implied allegorical meaning. Magic realism works also frequently used in some post-modern narrative techniques to express the author's theme, create a magical effect. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the important role played by Naylor wearing mom \This novel the most out of color, but also by far the fresh was involved in research in the field. Naylor magical elements of the book, such as the magic of Willow Creek Island, a mysterious figure, and Miranda ultra capacity careful arrangements, on the one hand to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of blacks, on the other hand, a mockery of the the Caucasian rational world. In addition to the elements of magic, Naylor also show her the skill in the use of symbolism, symbolism Another significant feature of the magic realism. By analyzing the symbolism of the hand, the name of the bridge, chicken, eggs, etc., showing the rich culture of black deepen the theme of the novel, the characters more distinctive. Narrative feature is another bright spot to attract readers and critics. The author in this thesis with Cabernet is to interpret the narrative characteristics of multi-angle, highlighting the traditional culture of the black. Other narrative techniques, such as past and present juxtaposed fiction film characteristics, and the stream of consciousness, is also stepping up to play a good role in the artistic effect of the novel. Wearing mother \

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