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A Research on "Why I Choose Dink"

Author ShenFuLai
Tutor XuGuangXing
School East China Normal University
Course Applied Psychology
Keywords DINK Psychoanalysis Self-Actualization Feminism Postmodernism Cost-Of-Upbringing
CLC C913.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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D(?)ngk(?) is the partial tone of DINK,and called D(?)ngk(?) in Taiwan,too.The word of DINK comes from the first alphabets’ combination of "Double Income No Kids",which means family or family members with double income no kids.The concrete meaning of "DINK" is that working married couples (family or member and group) who are fertile choose childlessness voluntarily to be childfree.The further meaning of "DINK" is much more enrichment,which means a new social group and also a new family pattern;a new view of fertility and also a new life style;a new personal philosophy and aslo a new personal values.However,the choice of DINK is in contradiction to the traditional view of "there is none greater than no bearing in the three unfilial conducts".What is more disconcerting is that:if no one choose bearing, will be the nation or the globe choose perdition? How DINK live and why DINK choose childlessness,that makes DNIK so hot and important to research.This artcle aims on finding out the cause of DINK by interview and investigation,and then analyzing the effect factors and social problems behind the cause.The artcle has six chapter with the first introduction of motivation,purpose and question;the second summary including the conception,development and research on DINK home and abroad;the third chapter conception and design original on a questionnaire;the fouth procedure;the fifth result and discussion;and the sixth reflection and envision.The theoretic significance is:first,basing on psychology caring of individuality,together with social environment makes the result embonpoint;second,offering ideas and illumination while enrich the research.The application values focus on:first,appling important information to enhance the cognition of DINK which brings harmony;second,appling a tool to make the DINK recognize their choice;third,appling some ideas for the government on well arranging the DINK;forth,appling some ideas on DINK’s counselling and career guidance to make them wellbeing.

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