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Research on Energy Saving of Collective Farm Residence Envelope Structure in Southernarea of Henan Province

Author LiuLanDou
Tutor ZuoPi
School Xi'an University of Science and Technology
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Southern Area of Henan Province Collective farm Energy saving Thermal parameter
CLC TU111.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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At the beginning of 21 century, more and more attentions are taken to the new rural construction with urban construction in China entering High-speed development stage. People have attach great importance to our rural residence because its enormous quantity, huge area and continuous high energy consumption. The government also advocate the construction of new rural energy-saving residence in the“11th,12th five-year plan”period. Therefore, the study of how to improve the energy-saving in rural residences has a very important strategic significance in improving energy efficiency and environmental protection.This paper begins with the study of rural residential energy-saving standards technical means and so on. In the method of field observation, face-to-face interview to farmers, the author has researched and analyzed completely form, character, building materials,functional layout and the conditions of indoor thermal environment in rural traditional residence and modern collective farms in Southern Area of Henan province and so on, grasped energy-saving situation of rural house in the area. And it obtained the main factors influencing energy-saving of rural residence by adequately combing, concluding and analyzing investigation result. Also according to relevant standards of the thermal design, it has calculated a series of parameter commonly used in windows, wall, shading and so on, putting forward the windows than walls, types of windows, shading forms and measures of roof insulation, etc.In order to master the local rural energy-saving situations, the author has carried on the deep analysis and research on the ability of saving energy of local farmers’typical houses, given out energy-saving optimization scheme applicable in local place by analyzing its thermal performances and comparing disadvantage and benefit with that of traditional houses. And then the author calculates theoretically construction cost and energy consumption to check its economy and operation effect. The results show that: although the cost increases 16.9% per square metre after proposing scheme, the indoor thermal environment condition have greatly been improved immensely, the heat consumption in heat-transferring reduces 37% per square metre, and then efficiency of energy-saving reaches 30% in rural houses ,which has verified that it is feasible and applicable in rural areas of Southern Area of Henan Province, reveals certain value of engineering reference and promotion prospects for the construction of new rural collective farm in the future.

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