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Quantum Secure Communication Protocol Using Two-Mode Squeezed States

Author YiZhi
Tutor ZengGuiHua
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Communication and Information System
Keywords Quantum cryptography Continuous variables Mode squeezed state Balanced homodyne detector Quantum Key Distribution Quantum vote
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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With the development of information technology , information security has become the demand of the whole society , information security has become the focus of attention of the international community . Because information security relationship between the country's political security , economic security , military security , social stability , but also related to everyone in a society . Classical information theory , communication theory and basic principles of quantum mechanics , has opened a new information and communication security research field - quantum cryptography learn , and provide a new approach to ensure the security of information and communication systems . Quantum cryptography rely on the basic principles of quantum mechanics , to ensure the security of the information and communication process is a basic subject of many quantum information research areas , such as quantum key distribution , quantum direct secure communication , quantum identity authentication , quantum secret sharing . This article is committed to the study of the theory of quantum cryptography based on dual-mode squeezed state . Two mode squeezed state detection technology research based on the practical application of quantum cryptography mode squeezed state . Mode squeezed state quantum signal is actually based on entangled quantum continuous variables , in theory , studied the balanced homodyne detector (Balanced homodyne detector) to detect the principle of continuous variable quantum signal , and subsequent amplification circuit design , while simulation results are given . The traditional quantum information research focuses on the field of QKD , based mode squeezed state quantum key distribution scheme using Shannon information theory analysis of the agreement to resist the attack of the beam splitter to obtain secret information rate compression factor analytical expression between the channel parameters correlation between the mode -mode squeezed state to ensure the security of the scheme . Quantum cryptography has important applications not only in the field of quantum information research for solving the practical problems of the classic , can play an important role . In this paper, based mode squeezed state quantum cryptography based on a quantum voting protocol, which take full advantage of the uncertainty principle of quantum signals distributed voting system loaded through random selection signal . The security and performance of the agreement to make the necessary analysis .

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