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Research on the Mainframe System of Powder Mixed EDM and the Craft Experiment

Author LiuPingPing
Tutor SuoLaiChun
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Electrical discharge machine Structure design Finite element analysis Powder Craft
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Powder mixed electrical discharge machining (EDM) technology is to add conductible silicon and aluminium powders to a certainly consistency into working fluid in order to change the discharge condition of EDM, and then decrease the surface roughness remarkably, improve the surface performance and leave out manual polish. And it is possible to take EDM as the final machining for the large area, exact and complicated moulding surface. The electrical discharge machine has been numerical, and the function of the machine tool is more perfect and the automatization is improved to a large extent with the development of numerical control. The mainframe system applied to powder mixed electrical discharge machine is assembly designed by researching the structure and performance of machine tools in existence, and excellent machining effect is obtained in practical machining.First, structural design of the mainframe system of powder mixed electrical discharge machine is done, and no-seam linkage between Pro/E and ANSYS software is used to do finite element analysis on some important parts such as the spindle head, the stand pole and the lathe bed. Illogical designs can be found out by the analysis, and it can instruct the structure design and improve unsubstantial parts. All of these are used to settle academic basis for optimum design of the machine and decreasing the manufacturing cost, and are good for developing advanced powder mixed electrical discharge machines.Second, the action mechanism of powder in powder mixed EDM is researched, and the mechanism of how the surface roughness is decreased by powder mixed EDM is analyzed. And then how the powder concentration and category affects the surface roughness is explained. The powder suspending mechanism is researched by analyzing the movement condition of powder grain. And the additive for increasing the suspension property of powder grain is researched by experiment and analyzing the physical and chemical property of it. The research provides a new way of developing the powder additive that can be widely used in practical machining. The effect of several important craft conditions on the quality of powder mixed EDM is analyzed particularly and synthetically, and some regular patterns are summed up. Machining parameters are optimized by theoretical analysis and technical experiments in order to be widely used in practical machining.In the end, the machining performance of the powder mixed electrical discharge machine designed is tested and used in practical machining, such as the machining of curved faces, hooker moulds of the textile machine, the titanium alloy material and discharge machining words with powder mixed EDM, and so on. The technical trait, application technique and operating skills are summed up at the same time. The application examples indicate that conclusions of the technique research are significant for instructing practical machining.

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