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Elastoplastic seismic response analysis of high - speed railway bridges

Author LuoBoFu
Tutor JiangLiZhong
School Central South University
Course Civil Engineering
Keywords High - speed railway bridges Earthquake Axle system Elastoplastic response
CLC U441.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the rapid development of domestic and international high-speed railway construction , ride and stability , as well as interchange conservation of land and other reasons in order to ensure the line is often possible to construct a few kilometers or even tens of kilometers of the viaduct , this earthquake trains traveling on the bridge chance of greatly increased. Mass and stiffness of the high-speed railway box girder is much larger than ordinary bridge the earthquake seismic response is much larger than ordinary bridge earthquake in the structural design play an important role . Both axles research is mostly concentrated in the elastic stage test pier is mostly concentrated in the highway bridge piers , few studies of elastic-plastic seismic analysis of high-speed railway bridges about low shaft reinforcement low pressure ratio , so the earthquake the dynamic response of the high-speed railway bridges research has a very important significance . This article first introduced the vehicle dynamics research status and earthquake high-speed rail bridge between domestic and foreign research status . Select and simplify vehicle model , vehicle parameters and Track Random Irregularity samples to determine the establishment of the stiffness matrix of the bridge single , pier elastoplastic restoring force model to determine , established under the seismic action vehicle dynamics equations given in the car bridge the numerical solution of the equation of power ; based on Matlab - based software platform , the preparation of analytical procedures consider elastoplastic seismic response of high - speed railway bridges . Second , take ANSYS software to establish a full-bridge model of earthquake axle system , elastic seismic response of the axle system analysis to study the influence of different parameters on the seismic response of the axle system speed , pier high and different seismic waves ; same time, because of multiple high-speed railway through the soft ground , you need to consider the role of the pile and soil , this paper establishes the the pier bottom consolidation and consider two full-bridge model pile-soil pile and soil on the seismic response of the bridge and come to some meaningful conclusions; final elastoplastic seismic response analysis of high-speed railway commonly pier , take advantage of the moment - curvature analysis program to calculate the bending moment and its curvature , established on the basis of high-speed rail 32m simply supported girder bridge model rare earthquake calculated different pier elastoplastic seismic response analysis of the impact of under rare earthquake draw analysis conclusion .

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