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Study on Oxidative Degradation of Bisphenol A by Potassium Ferrate in Water

Author DongJinHua
Tutor ZhangPanYueï¼›ZengGuangMing
School Hunan University
Course Environmental Engineering
Keywords Endocrine disruptors Bisphenol A Potassium ferrate Advanced Oxidation Intermediate The bottom component
CLC X703
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Bisphenol A is a typical endocrine disruptor, bisphenol A number of studies have shown that in vitro tests and in vivo tests on animals have shown reproductive toxicity and acute, embryos, nervous system effects of endocrine disruptors, due to its modern industrial The widely used via various means pollution of surface water and groundwater bodies, which may route through drinking water or food that humans suffer direct or potential risk of exposure. Some studies show that even with chlorine or ozone oxidation oxidation process, some of the water is still water factory detected bisphenol A, bisphenol A, thus the existing water treatment technology presents new challenges. People in the water quality standards have become increasingly demanding era, the traditional water treatment agent has been unable to meet the requirements of the people. This set of ferrate oxidation, disinfection, adsorption, flocculation, coagulation, decontamination as one of the new, efficient, safe, versatile, water treatment agent, can make up for the deficiencies of traditional water treatment agent. This paper analyzes the nature of potassium ferrate and stir through the beaker experiments, the use of potassium ferrate as an oxidant, potassium ferrate in water study endocrine disruptors bisphenol A degradation efficiency, influencing factors and degradation products changes. The results show that, the use of potassium ferrate contain some hydroxyl-containing impurities, high purity 78.3%. Potassium ferrate in water EDCs bisphenol A has good oxidative degradation of performance, acidic water body is conducive ferrate oxidation degradation of bisphenol A; oxidative degradation process is quick, 30min to basically end; when the raw water concentration of bisphenol A 2mg / L, potassium ferrate and bisphenol A molar ratio of 3:00, bisphenol A degradation rate can reach 100%; low initial concentrations of bisphenol A is not conducive to the full utilization of potassium ferrate and oxidative degradation of bisphenol A completely . Ferrate dosage is low, you can not achieve complete mineralization of bisphenol A, potassium ferrate oxidation degradation of bisphenol A on the same time generating UV254 easily absorbed in intermediate; intermediate product in the 190-215nm and 230 - 300nm absorbance band changes significantly; DOC reflect the change of bisphenol A was about 50% inorganic. The effects of natural background constituents of natural organic matter in water, silicate and hydroxyl radical inhibitor carbonate ions and tert-butanol ferrate oxidation degradation of bisphenol A, the results showed that natural organic matter, silicate and tert-butanol to a certain extent on bisphenol A ferrate oxidation degradation inhibition, HCO3-has increased the degradation rate of bisphenol A.

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