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Design of the Comparison between Domestic and International Road Alignment Study

Author ZhangXing
Tutor QinJianPing
School Chang'an University
Course Traffic and Transportation Engineering
Keywords Comparative study Foreign codes Domestic road design Technical Specifications Geometric alignment
CLC U412.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The Road Alignment is highway skeleton , direct carrier vehicle running , it controls the entire highway roadbed , bridges and culverts , cross along the facilities and structures such as the size and investment . The same time , driving safety , comfort , economy and the capacity of the vehicle plays a decisive role , once determined, will be linear existed for a long time , regardless of the pros and cons , and are difficult to change . Route alignment design merits of the decision can be played after the completion of the road safety , comfort , economy and the extent of its economic construction along , but also affect the development and utilization , the main factors of the living standards of the people , so the designer should special attention to the quality of alignment design . Primarily for the development of the road to our current standards based on the comparison of the old and the new specification , mainly to study the advantages and disadvantages of the main technical indicators of our linear specification highway . Compare our highways and urban roads route design specification . Analysis of the Sino-French linear geometry selected technical indicators and comparative study , mainly from law concept of highway design , graphic design and technology indicators , the longitudinal design technical indicators , and cross-sectional design technology indicators compare highway design , flexibility indicators and scope and so on. Finally, Japan 's main line of road geometric design specification analysis study , discussed from Japan Road mainline structural design , road classification and design level of the main line , and Japan road cross-sectional design specification indicators , Horizontal Alignment of indicators and profile design specifications detailed analysis and research . Rational design route indicator parameters and design methods of traffic road in China 's economic construction and security is of great significance . We must fully consider the many gaps due to different national conditions , philosophy , technology , practice should actively transform design concepts , fully absorb new ideas and new design concept . At the same time design ideas to be flexible , to avoid blindly apply the norms , in order to achieve suitable for China's national conditions \the overall design concept of the relationship , to ensure the sustainable development of highway construction \

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