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Synthesis and Separation of Dicarboxylic Acid Esters

Author XieXiaoPeng
Tutor WangJiDe;JieZhengFeng
School Xinjiang University
Course Applied Chemistry
Keywords NaHSO4 · SiO2 Dicarboxylic acid esters Catalyzed esterification Ultrasonic immersion method Phosphotungstic acid Separate
CLC TQ225.24
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Cyclohexane oxidation process byproduct the mixed binary acid ( DBA ) , also known as nylon acid , the main organic component of adipic acid (ADA), glutaric acid (GA) and succinic acid ( SA) . Development of downstream products of mixed dibasic acids , dicarboxylic acid esters , separation and purification of dibasic esters , in order to expand the range of applications and increase the value of the products of the three dicarboxylic acid ester of the dicarboxylic acid , extend the industrial chain , has a huge economic and social benefits . Chapter II of this paper using NaHSO 4 · SiO 2 catalyst diacids ( adipic acid , glutaric acid , succinic acid ) and different alcohols (methanol , ethanol, butanol , benzyl alcohol , dodecyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol) and the reaction to the synthesis of a series of a dicarboxylic acid ester , the method yields , simple operation and easy post-treatment , the catalyst can be recycled . Dibasic acid carboxylate IR, 1H-NMR characterization . The crystal structure of the succinic acid dibenzyl ester were determined. Chapter selection phosphotungstic acid (phosphotungstic acid, HPW) as the active component , silica (SiO 2 ) and bentonite (bentonite, BN) as the carrier was prepared by ultrasonic immersion method and impregnation method supported heteropoly acid catalyst HPW / SiO 2 and HPW / BN by XRD , FT -IR , SEM and other characterization techniques to characterize the catalysts . The experimental results show that the supported heteropoly acid catalysts are prepared by ultrasonic dipping method than the ordinary impregnation method of catalysts on the reaction of the dicarboxylic acid ester exhibits a higher catalytic activity . The BN catalytic activity to ultrasound preparation HPW / 2 < / sub > catalyst is higher than the HPW / SiO . The fourth chapter dicarboxylic acid diethyl ester ( dimethyl adipate , dimethyl glutarate , succinic acid dimethyl ester ) as experimental subjects, to establish a gas chromatography method of qualitative analysis , the use of layer 7 toothed separation column for the separation device distillation separation of binary dimethyl initial attempt .

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