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Raw Material Parameters on SBS Modified Asphalt Index and Influence SBS Dose Needle into Degree Testing Technology Research

Author LiuDengWu
Tutor HanSen
School Chang'an University
Course Road and Railway Engineering
Keywords SBS modified bitumen Technical Specifications Rheological properties SBS dose Testing techniques
CLC U414
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Order to study the impact of raw material parameters of SBS modified asphalt indicators (including from the base asphalt and SBS type SBS dosage , additives , stabilizers, compatibilizers , thickener ) aspects of SBS modified asphalt indicators . The results show that : the aromatics content of the base asphalt is an important factor affecting the modification effect , but not the only factor , glial content of the effect of modified asphalt has a greater impact ; SBS types of the modified asphalt indicators have a significant impact , overall , star SBS modified asphalt modified better than linear SBS modified asphalt ; increase in SBS dose makes the SBS modified asphalt modified asphalt technology indicators increase significantly in the course of the entire the SBS dose increases , SBS modified asphalt indicators increase in the beginning , followed by a gradual easing ; aids are important parameters of SBS modified asphalt indicators , different additives , different dosage SBS modified asphalt differences should be based on the actual situation of the project , and select the appropriate additives and dosage . In order to control the quality of SBS modified asphalt to prevent modification process caused by improper segregation and the lack of dose of SBS modified asphalt modifier penetration analysis of the rheological properties of SBS modified asphalt , the SBS variation with temperature and load , the penetration of the modified asphalt , invented SBS dose penetration testing techniques .

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