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The Study on Sub-health Prevalence and Risk Factors of Military Convalescents in a Military Sanatorium

Author BianQiang
Tutor YuShouYi
School Southern Medical University,
Course Epidemiology and Health Statistics
Keywords Sub-health Military convalescents Risk factors Intervention
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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ObjectiveTo understand the sub-health status of military convalescents in some sanatoriums and determine factors related to sub-health, so as to provide scientific evidences for prevention of sub-health in the military convalescents.Contents and Methods1. Research objects: The military convalescents from June 2006 to December 2007 in a military sanatorium.2. Research contents: To describe the health and sub-health status of military convalescents with different major, educational levels, sexes and grades and analyze the risk factors of sub-health status, including frustration, living environment, sleep status, diet habit, smoking and drinking, physical exercise and personal belief.3. Research methods: In this study, method of actuality study and experimental epidemiology were used. The sub-health rate and its related factors were investigated by filling in Second Generation Sun-health Questionnaire. The questionnaire, which was edited by Professor Luo Ren of Department of Traditional Medicine of Southern Medical University, had been analyzed for its reliability and validity and widely used in sub-health investigation. Before filling in the Questionnaire, we organized a train and exam of sighting investigation of sub-health status of military convalescents. The questionnaire was verified on the spot and unqualified questionnaires were eliminated. Statistical methods include descriptive statistics, rank-sum test and Pearson correlationanalysis.Results1. 389 shares of questionnaires were sent out. 351 shares were returned and 322 shares were eligible. The return rate is 90.24 percent and the eligibility rate is 91.74 percent.2. 322 military convalescents included different sexes, levels, educational levels and ages were investigated.296 male, accounting for 91.93 percent, 26 female, accounting for 8.07 percent. Educational levels: 188 master convalescents, 104 undergraduate convalescents, 30 junior convalescents, accounting for 58.39 percent, 32.3 percent, 9.32 percent respectively. 107 military convalescents, 215 magistrates; accounting for 33. 23 percent, 66. 77 percent respectively. 74 people’s Ages is less than 40,105 is from 40 to 50. 143 is greater than 50,accounting for 22.98 percent, 32.61 percent, 44.41 percent respectively.3. The total military convalescents are classified according with the group of health, sub-health and sickness, 61 convalescents in health, 218 convalescents in sub-health and 43 convalescents in sickness, accounting for 18.9 percent, 67.7 percent and 13.4 percent respectively.4. The highest proportion of sub-health is inappetence.5. The military convalescents’ health is different in different educational levels, and there is no significant difference in different major, educational levels, sexes, and grades.6. The health affecting factors are: not propitious promoted, family seriously ill, having impediments in marriage.7. The sub-health affecting factors are: living environment, sleeping habits, physical exercise and belief.Conclusion1. The military convalescents of being sub-health status accounted for 67.7 percent of investigated convalescents. The sub-health status is generally existed in convalescents.2. The more frequency of sub-health is inappetence.3. The sub-health affecting factors show that the main risk factors lead to the sub-health of convalescents are not propitious promoted, family seriously ill, having impediments in marriage, bad living environment, poor sleeping, lacking physical exercise and belief.4. According to affecting factors of sub-health and convalescents’ peculiarity, the preventive measure is to promote health concepts, strengthen exercise, pay more attention to take good care of health, have a good mood.5. In order to prevent sub-health, measures as follow are suggested to the military health department: to spread the knowledge of sub-health widely, carry out periodic physical examination and health consultation, make population surveys, reinforce health management, build health files and make a monitoring network.6. Working plans in future: to give individual prescription according to convalescents’ features, carry out follow-up and management according to convalescents’ sub-health status and make a monitoring network.

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