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Study of Public Bicycle Transport Development

Author ZhangLi
Tutor WangYuanQing
School Chang'an University
Course Transportation Planning and Management
Keywords Public bicycle traffic Planning Rental station Evaluate
CLC U491.225
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the accelerating process of urbanization in China, the constant expansion of the city, residents travel distance grows. However, because of the city's public transport system generally imperfect, the level of public transport services are generally not high, there get off walk a long time, too long waiting time, transfer to the inconvenience and other issues, the more people tend to choose cars car growth too fast, so as a travel tool. Of a large number of the popularity of private cars, brought a series of questions, as increasingly congested city roads, the gradual deterioration of the environment, the rapid consumption of energy as well as the frequent traffic accidents. The bike is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly, economical and practical, the health of low-carbon transport, especially suitable for short-distance travel. Development of public bicycle traffic, not only can save the urban energy and land resources, and enhance the quality of the urban environment, ease urban traffic congestion, improve the level of health of the public can also make up for the lack of public transport, attract more car trips to public transport transfer, effective public transport travel attractiveness and competitiveness. Public bicycle traffic policy, planning, management have not been applied enough attention, therefore, it is necessary to how public bicycle traffic, how to conduct in-depth study of system planning and management. The paper, based on the characteristics and advantages of the bicycle traffic: saving transportation energy consumption and land consumption, which can effectively reduce urban traffic pollution, ease urban traffic congestion, lower cost of personal travel, applies not only to the low-income group, can also reduce urban traffic internal and external cost, set the transportation, fitness, entertainment, a healthy, low-carbon way to travel, especially suitable for short-distance travel, the applicable conditions of mild climate of the city, the terrain is relatively flat, city wide non-motorized vehicles, machine non- better degree of separation of urban traffic environment, public bicycle transportation market is a short period of time using the short-distance transport, feeder, suitable for passenger gathering place in the hub centers, residential areas, commercial areas, schools, attractions laid rental station should allow residents can use at any time, in different places restitution, and charged accordingly based on length of usage time. The paper analyzes that European public bicycle rental station close convergence with other modes of independent public bicycle right-of-way, the government and enterprises, co-operative mode, the size of the rental station network operators, the use of low cost, convenient rental car formalities The key to the successful development of the urban public bicycle transportation in Europe. Found to exist in the current development of Chinese urban public bicycle is a public bicycle is not included in the ranks of public transport, bicycle \The paper argues that public bicycle planning should include: the public bike market planning, public bicycle rental station planning, public bicycle road network planning, the public bicycle scheduling and management, Intersections public bicycle traffic organization optimization. Public bicycle transport market planning should clear the public property of the public bicycle transportation, will be included in the ranks of the urban public transport, should be government-led, business operations of the cooperative business model; Planning connecting lease rental station planning should be divided into a start and end point of the lease station the station planning both cases, the proportion of long-distance travel, should be considered in determining deposit vehicle the connection points leasing station planning, the proportion of the population structure, transfer to attract a range of proportion of site traffic, speed of connection points and departure frequency, peak hour amount of access to cars, and other factors; may use high-tech means of GPS global positioning system, the real-time monitoring of public bicycles, reasonable scheduling between the stations of each lease vehicles during peak and peak time, to prevent vehicle theft occurred, the IC card system technology The cost of clearing. The paper also discusses how to assess the level of public bicycle transportation development.

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