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Euphemism and Its Pragmatic Function

Author ChenZuo
Tutor CaoDeMing
School Shanghai International Studies University
Course French Language and Literature
Keywords Euphemism Social significance Pragmatic Function Negative effects
CLC H030
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Euphemism is a very common phenomenon of language and speech , human communication has been regarded as \Increasing development of human civilization and interpersonal expanding today, euphemism is to play an indispensable role . Many papers on euphemisms , but its system theory expounded few monographs and scope of the study is mainly confined to the lexical level , decontextualized euphemism used by its definition , structure, conduct research mechanisms. We believe that not only refers euphemism euphemistic words , it is more active use of language as an expression of communication. Analysis of euphemisms not leave specific context , so from language study would be more appropriate to use perspective. Discussed in this paper is fully taken into account a number of pragmatic factors , thus ensuring that the full text of unity , in order to avoid some of the discussion paper clutter and research priorities unknown defects. Removing the introduction and conclusion , this paper is divided into four chapters . In the first chapter, we first carried out from the language of euphemism angle defined by science , and then discuss it with the speech act theory , the principles of cooperation , the relationship between politeness principle , trying to find a sense of social significance beyond the vocabulary of euphemism . Chapter II classification involves Euphemisms and composition. Euphemism is both linguistic phenomenon , but also verbal phenomenon , different levels of euphemisms have their different composition methods. The third chapter discusses the French euphemism pragmatic functions , and the shy , polite and conceal the expression of three functions. The fourth chapter reviews the negative effects may be caused by the abuse of euphemism , for example, in the political sphere , some politicians extensive use of euphemisms to conceal the facts to deceive the people , so as to achieve the purpose of controlling thought. Due to time constraints, the limited information available , the level is still shallow and author of the study , the Department herein shortage of experts and readers to please correct me .

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