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The Intelligent Design Research of Residential District

Author ChenZhan
Tutor TangGuoAn
School Hunan University
Course Architectural Design and Theory
Keywords Intelligent Residential area Intelligent Systems Space Design Environmental Design
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Smart homes came into being in the information age high demands on the voice of the working conditions and living environment. \The so-called intelligent residential quarters, that is, in a certain geographical area, with the same or different functions of the building (mainly refers to the residential area) in accordance with an integrated approach, the use of computer technology, communication technology, multimedia technology and other high-tech means, respectively, its function intelligently, so that resources are fully shared management more convenient. Smart homes provide residents with a safe, comfortable, convenient, energy saving, sustainable living environment, easier unified management and control of the residential area, and as much as possible to improve the performance and low cost housing. Residential and residential area has become an important market for intelligent technology applications, a comprehensive reflection of the development of the residential area of ??intelligent technology is to enhance the scientific and technological development and economic level, it has become an important symbol of one measure of a country, region and city level of modernization . Residential area of ??intelligent technology can be summarized as the following aspects: 1. System design emphasis on people-oriented design concept, taking into account at all levels of the specific use of the convenience, safety and comfort, advanced and practical, functional configuration reasonable investment. 2 security systems from a single independent security subsystem development of family and community, anti-technology and civil air defense combination of integrated security system. (3) the development of information communication technologies for multi-operator optional extension of information and communication services to district residents can enjoy a variety of value-added services on the LAN area, such as community information services, housekeeping services, video on demand, property management, LAN area to become the district spiritual civilization and active community cultural platform. 4 automatic monitoring system through the electrical and mechanical equipment, water, electric table remote copied to the system, audio and video systems, property management, information systems and other applications, and effectively improve the living environment and quality of life of the cell. Through the application of smart home technology, the district residents to experience real life all the convenience of the information age and wonderful, the home office, network life become a reality.

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