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Lubrication Performance and Thermal Structure Coupled Analysis of Water Lubricated Rubber Alloy Slab Bearings

Author WuSong
Tutor WangJiaXu
School Chongqing University
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords Water lubrication Rubber bearings Finite Element Fluid-structure interaction Thermal structure coupling
CLC TH133.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Water as a lubricating medium slat water lubricated rubber alloy bearing oil for lubricating medium with traditional metallic bearing lubrication mechanism is different. The viscosity of the water only oil 1/100, when high water pressure, high speed journal, prone to turbulence, so lubrication model for finite element analysis, you can not assume that the water film layer flow model. The rubber low elastic modulus material, in hydrodynamic lubrication, the large amount of deformation of rubber, can not be like a metal bearing as negligible meter. Rubber elastic deformation of the retreat so that the eccentricity of the shaft may be greater than 1. The slat water-lubricated rubber alloy bearing the presence of the trench, so that the water film pressure higher than the low oil lubrication, on the one hand the mechanical properties due to the temperature of the rubber material greater impact need the groove in the cooling water will be generated heat away; On the other hand the groove providing space for the deformation of rubber, to improve the force of the bonding surface of the rubber with copper. Papers for the slat water lubricated rubber alloy bearing the special lubrication mechanism, the use of finite element software Workbench CFX 3D numerical simulation analysis of bearing lubrication model. Papers from the point of view of speed, eccentricity, rubber material, lath structure of the water film pressure distribution, water film flow distribution, water film thickness in-depth study of the the slat water lubricated bearing hydrodynamic lubrication performance. The rubber bearing hydrodynamic lubrication process is a two-way fluid-structure interaction, the elastic deformation of the rubber, the stress distribution is also the thesis focus. Subsequently, through the experimental study of the impact of temperature on the material properties of rubber, because when the water supply system of the bearing system failure or bearing system overload, in the state of the dry friction between the shaft and the bearing. Not only when the bearing system is in state of the dry friction friction coefficient will be increased to accelerate the wear of the shaft and bearing, but also so that the bearing temperature rise, changing the mechanical properties of the rubber, to accelerate the aging of rubber, or even burning phenomenon. According to the experimental data, the paper further using the ABAQUS finite element software slat water lubricated rubber alloy bearings, thermal structure in the state of dry friction coupling model analysis. Research by analyzing the papers slat water lubricated rubber alloy bearing dry friction conditions, the temperature distribution of the contact surface of the bearing system, contact stress distribution and energy changes over time. The papers contents of large-size high specific innovative design theory and method of pressurized water lubricated bearings (item number: 50775230) support, intends to get the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) through the study of the the slat water-lubricated rubber alloy bearing lubrication structural coupling mechanism and the dry heat of friction studies provide new lessons.

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