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Research on Earthquakes and Ionospheric Anomalies Detected by Ground GPS Observation Data

Author MaXinXin
Tutor LiLuMing
School Chengdu University of Technology
Course Earth Exploration and Information Technology
Keywords Earthquake Ionosphere TEC Distributed Abnormal
CLC P315.72
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Currently earthquake ionospheric physics explain divergent seismogenic processes and ionospheric anomalies relationship is not entirely clear, this paper based on the results of previous studies, the use of Chinese mainland GPS (Globe Positioning System) stations data, according to the ionosphere monolayer model for 2001 to 2008 occurred in the Chinese mainland in the 27 earthquake cases analyzed 27 cases during the earthquake shock electron content of the time series variation, GPS satellites and observatories path puncture point electron content changes, forecast the epicenter area. Through GPS data solver TEC (Total Electron Content) results show that using this method to calculate the accuracy meet ionospheric TEC feature research, research papers for the following five main areas: 1) completed from 2001 to 2008 occurred in Chinese mainland's 27 earthquake cases analytical work, including 20 earthquake case study results show that there are 13 earthquake cases TEC values ??appear negative anomalies, mainly in 1 to 5 days before the earthquake; 3 during the earthquake shock case ionosphere showed positive anomalies, concentrated in the day of the earthquake, the day after the earthquake; 4 earthquake cases before the earthquake seven days to seven days after the earthquake, there was no apparent ionospheric disturbances, changes smoothly during the earthquake TEC. 2) a negative anomaly 13 earthquake cases in eight earthquake cases show GPS stations from the epicenter of the more recent, observatories vertical electron content variations over the more obvious than 700km from the epicenter stations electron content in seismic activity over a few days before and after no significant anomalies, TEC variations within the basic 0.5 TECU. Most examples show that the earthquake did not cause the earthquake epicenter 700km from outside stations over the electron content variations. 3) Most of the earthquake did not cause the earthquake cases in the GPS satellites and observatories path location of the puncture site disturbance electron content in a short time. Some earthquake cases reflects the temporal magnetic field and ionospheric anomalies have a good consistency. 4) During an earthquake ionospheric negative abnormal disturbances number of days concentrated before the earthquake the first five days, the first four days, the first two days, the first day, the negative anomaly appeared before the first five days, the first two days of the probability of 85% above, positive anomalies appear in the day of the earthquake focus, one day after the earthquake. Obtained in this study show some understanding, the use of ground-based GPS observation data, we can clearly get earthquake ionospheric anomalies disturbance characteristics, studies suggest that the use of continuous GPS data of earthquake-related ionospheric precursor is possible.

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