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Technology of Extraction and Kinetics of Leaching Vanadium from Vanadium Titanium Magnetite Tailings

Author ZuoShiJun
Tutor ZengYing
School Chengdu University of Technology
Course Analytical Chemistry
Keywords Vanadium-titanium magnetite Roasting Sulfuric acid leaching Dynamics Economic benefits
CLC TF841.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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China 's Panzhihua region contains abundant vanadium-titanium magnetite , the mineral is an iron , vanadium , titanium , iron ore symbiosis , accounting for 88% of the vanadium extraction of raw materials . Vanadium Extraction traditional not only vanadium recovery rate is low , but also caused serious environmental pollution and waste of resources . In this paper, on the basis of previous studies , a non-polluting , efficient vanadium extraction process , the process not only to solve the the exhaust pollution problems in the production , but also comprehensive utilization of resources , good economic returns , environmental benefits and social benefits. In this paper, the experiment of single factor conditions , carried out a detailed study of vanadium-titanium magnetite tailings Vanadium Extraction , turn to examine the impact of various factors on the results of the vanadium leaching roasting and leaching process , and the use of the SEM images , XRD spectra and V -H2O system dissolved component Predominance diagrams , analysis of the reaction mechanism of the roasting and leaching process . The experiments to determine the best clinker preparation conditions : mineral particle size : 200 mesh ; additives : 8 % CaCO3 ; calcination temperature : 900 ° C ; roasting time : 3 h . The best leaching process conditions : solid-liquid ratio : 1:3 ; leaching agent : 30 % H2SO4 ; leaching time : 2 h ; leaching temperature : 90 ° C . This roasting - leaching process conditions vanadium leaching rate of 81.87% . Dynamics of vanadium in vanadium - titanium magnetite tailings leaching process . The results show that the dynamic model of the leaching process complies with particle size unchanged contraction unreacted core model , 1 - ( 1- R ) 1 3 = kt , the Arrhenius empirical formula , from a series of different temperatures lnk - 1 / T diagram , obtain the activation energy is 48.31 kJ · mol-1. The leaching process is a chemical reaction control . Leaching Kinetics equation : the process of costing results show that : the calcification roasting - sulfuric acid leaching process used in vanadium- titanium magnetite tailings of vanadium extraction considerable economic benefits , each produce one ton V2O5 obtain a profit of about $ 30,000 , and the loss of titanium extraction process is small, is conducive to the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources .

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