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Research on Carbohydrate Supplement Interventionon HPT Axis and HPA Axis Structure and Function in Estrum Restrained Rats

Author HongRunXiao
Tutor WangRenWei
School Shanghai Institute of Physical Education
Course Human Movement Science
Keywords Rats Menstrual Cycle Carbohydrate supplement intervention Negative energy balance Cell ultrastructure Hypothalamic - pituitary - thyroid Hypothalamic - pituitary - adrenal
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective: To exercise stress in rats does not change, do not use the drug intervention, only using complement the sugar intervention estrous cycle inhibition of rat diet regime intends to explore nutritional interventions on the inhibition of the hypothalamus of the rat estrous cycle from cells and hormone levels - pituitary - thyroid axis (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Thyroid Axis, HPT) and adrenal axis (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis, HPA) changes in cell ultrastructure and function to provide a theoretical basis for dietary nutrition intervention and prevention campaigns menstrual disorders. Methods: 80 2-month-old female SD rats were randomly divided into 8 groups (n = 10): control group (C): standard diet fed for 10 weeks under the quiet; sports group I (4Q, 4U, 4P and 4D). 6 week incremental treadmill exercise rat estrous cycle inhibition model 4Q group quiet recovery 4U standard set of dietary 4P group glucose intervention, 4D oligosaccharides intervention experiments under sustained high-intensity four weeks; sports group II ( The 6U, 6P and 6D), taken in the 6-week incremental process carbohydrate supplement intervention 6U standard diet, 6P group glucose intervention, 6D oligosaccharides intervention. Through regular observation the rat vaginal exfoliated cells to determine the rat estrous cycle status. Rats were killed, using optical and transmission electron microscope observation carbohydrate supplement intervention ultrastructural changes in rat HPT axis and HPA axis cells, and enzyme-labeled immunosorbent assay serum of GnRH, ACTH and CORT levels and chemiluminescence immunoassay technology in serum of TSH and tT4 level. All data were SPSS17.0 package processing, each group compared to the significant difference between standard P LT; 0.05 highly significant difference P lt; 0.01. Results: 1. Experiment to 10 weeks the rats body weight and abdominal fat relative weight change: the exercise group Ⅰ, the body weight of rats 4Q gt; C gt; 4D gt; 4P gt; 4U, 4Q significantly greater than 4U (P lt; 0.01); abdominal fat relative weight of C gt; 4Q gt; 4P gt; 4D gt; 4U, The 4Q and 4P was significantly larger than 4U (P lt; 0.01); same exercise group II are C gt; 6D gt ; 6P gt; 6U, 6P and 6D significant the more than 6U (P lt; 0.01). 2 .. Serum GnRH change: the exercise group I, 4Q gt; C gt; 4D gt; 4P gt; 4U, 4D relative to 4U differences (P lt; 0.05) 4Q relative to 4U significant difference (P lt; 0.01); Campaign Section II, C gt; 6D gt; 6P gt; 6U, 6D relative 6U significant (P lt; 0.05). Changes in serum ACTH of: exercise group Ⅰ 4U gt; 4Q gt; 4D gt; 4P gt; C, 4Q phase for 4U there are differences (P lt; 0.05), 4P and 4D also there is a significant difference (P lt; 0.01 ); sports group II, 6U gt; 6D gt; 6P gt; C, 6P relative to 6U differences (P lt; 0.05). 4. Serum of CORT: exercise group Ⅰ, 4U gt; 4D gt; 4P gt; C gt; 4Q 4Q respect to the 4U differences (P lt; 0.05); the Campaign Section II, 6D gt; 6U gt; C gt; 6P . 5 the serum TSH and tT4 the change: the exercise group I, TSH, 4D gt; 4P gt; C gt; 4Q gt; 4U; tT4 4D gt; 4P gt; 4Q gt; C gt; 4U 4P and 4D relative to 4U have significant difference (P lt; 0.01); sports group II are manifestations as: 6D gt; 6P gt; C gt; 6U, 6P phase for 6U there are differences (P lt; 0.05), 6D phase for 6U there are significant with sex differences (P lt; 0.01). To continue as a going the carbohydrate supplement intervention in the high-intensity exercise, inhibit further damage to the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus neurons and pituitary cells under the flat thyroid follicular epithelial cells were columnar help alleviate the adrenal hyperplasia and medullary expansion. Incremental exercise carbohydrate supplement intervention, repair damaged arcuate nucleus neurons and pituitary cells, to maintain thyroid follicular epithelial cells were columnar, the prevention of the proliferation of the adrenal cortex and medulla structure. Research conclusions: 1. The carbohydrate supplement under the continued strength and incremental load exercise intervention can improve the estrous cycle inhibition of rat HPT axis function, reduce the hyperactivity of the HPA axis function; may reverse the inhibition of the HPT axis and HPA axis damaged organelles structure . 2. Incremental load exercise, glucose or oligosaccharides intervention estrous cycle of normal thyroid structure and function display than glucose oligosaccharides intervention effective intervention, and statistically significant. 3. Incremental load and sustained, high-intensity load glucose intervention intervention than oligosaccharides adrenal improving trend.

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