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Department of Sichuan Pingle voice

Author LiBingYi
Tutor ZhouJiXu
School Sichuan Normal University
Course Chinese Philology
Keywords Pingle words Voice system Historical evolution
CLC H179
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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This thesis for the first time the Pingle, then ① phonological research for the paper uses the Chinese dialectology, historical comparative linguistics and sociolinguistics method, the system will the Pingle then Syllable Middle phonology, Mandarin The phonology Syllable compare to further reveal the phonological features Pingle words. This dissertation includes six parts: the introduction the Qionglai urban dialect area geographical population, and Pingle, then the status, explicitly investigate the object, time, and are owned material and Qionglai dialect Research Survey . Description Pingle words voice system, respectively, from Syllable three narrative explanation Syllable with regular listed homophone table. , Description the Pingle, then initials the system and its historical evolution, the system will the Pingle then initials comparison with the \4, indicating that the the Pingle, then the vowel system and its historical evolution, the Pingle, then the vowel systems are the Vowels in comparison with the \V. Description the Pingle, then tone system and its historical evolution, the system will be the Pingle, then tone compare with the \VI Syllable system by comparison Pingle words of the old and new factions pronunciation, summed up the similarities and differences between old and new factions phonology. The Pingle voice system, the main features are as follows: (a) Pingle, then a total of 20 initials, initials n and t? T? H?,? Pingle Initials, Finals mother has all of Thanh Hoa, did not retain the full-voiced initials. The Thanh Hoa law of Mandarin same, roughly: Ancient Voiced Initials is level tone aspirated, oblique tones unaspirated. Pingle Initials, Finals mother, regardless of the the pointed group, confluence phenomenon exists today with the fine group known the Zhuang chapter group. Shadow cloud basic three mother confluence, the main read as zero initial. Xiao tray with non-deposited Bong mixed under certain conditions. (B) Pingle words a total of 40 finals after nasal vowels [i?] [??] Yang the rhyme-m tail become-n tail, retained-n-?? Last. To the Endings-p?-T-k All lost. Medieval overcast phonological, Yang rhyme into rhyme the Pingle words today are in the rhyme class internal to some extent, produced the confluence and mixed. (C) Pingle, then five tune IA, Hinata, rising tone, falling tone, and entering tone, IA tone value of 55; Hinata tone value of 21; on the tone value of 42; to the tone value is 214; into the tone value is 24.

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