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Wavelength Tunable Fiber Lasers Based on Sampled Bragg Gratings

Author WangLeiShi
Tutor JianShuiSheng;LiuYan
School Beijing Jiaotong University
Course Optical communication with the mobile communication
Keywords Erbium-doped fiber laser Sampled grating Wavelength tunable fiber laser
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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With the development of high-capacity fiber-optic communication systems, wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology has become the forefront of the field of optical fiber communication and hotspots. As one of the key components in WDM system, wavelength tunable fiber laser and optical fiber has good compatibility, and be able to accurately tuned in the wavelength range specified in ITU-T, has been more and more attention. On the basis of in-depth research and analysis of the erbium-doped fiber lasers and sampled grating, designed and produced a new wavelength tunable fiber laser based on a linear cavity erbium-doped fiber lasers and sampled grating. The paper mainly include the following aspects: 1, the working principle of the erbium-doped fiber laser, as the laser gain medium of the erbium-doped fiber gain and spontaneous emission characteristics were studied using Giles amplifier models from the erbium-doped rate equations of optical fiber amplifiers, erbium-doped fiber amplifier simulation; after the introduction of boundary conditions to complete the simulation of linear cavity erbium-doped fiber laser amplifier model. 2, on the basis of analysis of the theory of fiber grating, the optical characteristics of the uniform Bragg grating, the simulation, and a detailed study of the impact of the grating parameters of its reflection spectrum and delay. The last study of the the FBG fabrication technology, and experimental production Bragg grating. 3, the use of the transfer matrix method to simulate the characteristics of the sampled fiber grating analysis of the parameters of the sampled grating their comb-like reflection spectrum. Design of a sampled grating apodization methods and simulation to verify; final study the sampled grating production methods and tuning means. 4, the design of a linear cavity erbium-doped fiber lasers and sampled grating wavelength tunable fiber laser. First Bragg grating reflector mirrors linear cavity erbium-doped fiber laser to establish a model for simulation analysis. The analysis of the parameters of laser performance, and give optimized directions. Then, the designed wavelength tuning scheme is applied among the established model, i.e. a sampled grating substituted Bragg grating as laser reflection endoscopic, and given a simulation; finally performed experiments. Co-simulation and experimental results show that this wavelength tunable fiber laser the smaller grating wavelength tuning the amount of reflected mirrors larger output laser wavelength tunability, the wavelength in the wavelength intervals in accordance with ITU-T quasi Continuous adjustment.

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