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The Pore Texture and Evaluation of N1 Reservoir in Wudong Slope, Hailaer Basin

Author QiaoShaSha
Tutor WangYaChun
School Daqing Petroleum Institute
Course Mineral prospecting and exploration
Keywords Hailar Basin South Section Pore ??structure Capillary pressure curve
CLC P618.13
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Reservoir rock pore structure characteristics affecting the reservoir fluid ( oil , gas, water ) reservoir capacity and exploitation of oil and gas resources of the main factors , clear pore structure characteristics of rock layers is to play the oil and gas production capacity and improve oil and gas mining the yield of the key. Hailar Basin Houdon South Slope section of the reservoir generally low porosity and low permeability reservoir is due to low permeability reservoir effective utilization of economic difficulty , the physical properties of such reservoir pore structure and in-depth study of geological reserves of movable resources screening evaluation, the direction of oil and gas development and investment decisions is important. Paper application of synthetic seismograms , electrical measurement curve characteristics, sedimentary cycles combined with each other on the southern section of the principles of conduct fine-grained oil , divided 4 sand groups , 14 small layer . By some oil layer of South coring observed and identified , in the south section of the reservoir rock in the sand, fine sandstone , rock types lithic feldspathic sandstone, filling mainly argillaceous and carbonate . Type of clay minerals to illite , smectite mixed layer followed . Southern section of reservoir space mainly primary intergranular pores and dissolved intergranular pores , intragranular dissolution pores ( feldspar dissolution pores and debris dissolution pores ) , dissolved pores and cracks in the main mold dissolution pores ; cements are mainly on porosity , pore - film cementation type based. By petrophysical analysis indicates that some black South East Slope reservoir porosity mainly distributed in 10 2 0% , with an average of 13% ; permeability mainly range at 0.1 2 < / sup> 0.0 × 10 -3 μm 2 with an average of 12.9 × 10 -3 μm 2 . Determination of mercury from the capillary pressure curve data statistics shows that on the whole southern section of the reservoir pore distribution is relatively concentrated, better sorting , coarse pore throat to throat based. By optimizing the parameters of the pore structure of a reservoir on the South and longitudinal plane were evaluated on the southern section of the plane into four different well region of reservoir structure , the vertical component of the four reservoirs into three categories. Combined gas and water distribution and sedimentary facies studies have shown that structural features and hydrocarbon reservoir water distribution and sedimentary facies are closely related.

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