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Numerical Simulation Study on Fracturing Technique of Coalbed Methane Reservoir

Author XueLiLi
Tutor TongDengKe
School China University of Petroleum
Course Applied Mathematics
Keywords Coalbed Methane Fracture Starting pressure gradient Numerical Simulation Trilinear flow
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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In this paper, CBM geology, oil and gas geology and seepage mechanics theories and methods of the discipline , on the basis of the previous study of coalbed methane reservoir in consideration of starting pressure gradient of low permeability coal reservoirs in migration and output mechanism , generalizability of its the geological reservoir simulation model , and IMPES method for numerical solution ; correctly predict coalbed methane fracturing well productivity is key to the development of coal-bed methane resources in the study of hydraulic fracturing of coalbed methane yield measures to establish a the dual media coalbed methane reservoirs 3D two-phase flow mathematical model ; single well as the research object , starting from the basic theory of seepage mechanics in the based on summarized inheritance previous results , fracturing well testing conducted extensive research , establishing and solving the linear flow of the homogeneous coalbed methane fracturing well testing model , and the preparation of the corresponding program , and draw the well test curve . This paper research : (1 ) on the basis of a large number of domestic and foreign literature research , of coal reservoir characteristics , coalbed methane reservoir , migration and output mechanism of the system in-depth analysis of research for coalbed methane reservoirs geological develop dynamic research laid the foundation . (2) Based on the characteristics of low permeability coalbed methane reservoirs considering threshold pressure gradient dual media coalbed methane reservoir simulation mathematical model is established and solved , a detailed derivation of the mathematical model IMPES numerical solution method , using examples drawn parameter sensitivity curve . The results show that : the low permeability coalbed methane reservoir starting pressure gradient can not be ignored . (3) in the coalbed methane reservoir geological characteristics of the basis for the desorption of coalbed methane production experience , diffusion and seepage flow process complex , to establish dual media coalbed methane reservoirs 3D , non- equilibrium sorption intends gas under steady-state conditions - water two-phase the coupled flow mathematical model , and quantitative analysis of the impact of hydraulic fracturing of coalbed methane production . (4 ) To establish and solving the homogeneous coalbed methane reservoirs trilinear flow finite conductivity vertical fracture well test model , consider the outer boundary of the infinite strata , rectangular closed formation , consider the skin effect of wellbore storage and variable wellbore storage effect draw the corresponding template curves ;

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