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Study on Production Technology of Insoluble Sulphur

Author SongCaiXia
Tutor WangYanZhen
School China University of Petroleum
Course Applied Chemistry
Keywords Insoluble sulfur Stabilizer Thermal stability Basic nitrogen content
CLC TQ125.116
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The insoluble sulfur study called sulfur homopolymer, referred to the IS is an excellent rubber curing agent, has become dedicated to the production of high-quality radial tire vulcanizing agent. Chongqing Hynes insoluble sulfur crude product obtained by experiment the optimum extraction conditions: room temperature, extraction time 30min, carbon disulfide dosage and the volume mass of the insoluble sulfur ratio of 6:1, the content of insoluble sulfur can be obtained more than 95%. The high-grade insoluble sulfur product. Fill oil in oil-filled experimental process, not only to discuss the oil-filled proportion, oil-filled time, reaction temperature, types of filling oil insoluble sulfur yield, also focused on the basic nitrogen content of insoluble sulfur thermal stability impact denitrification by using extender oil and denitrification after oil-filled comparison results showed that the oil so that after the denitrification improved thermal stability of the insoluble sulfur determined experimentally by the use of different basic nitrogen content of the oil more than 10%; extender oils preferred basic nitrogen content of less than 20μg / g, can improve the thermal stability of insoluble sulfur. In response to this situation, using in insoluble sulfur oil-filled process, adding different chemical stabilizer to improve the thermal stability of insoluble sulfur insoluble sulfur is a metastable substances, the extracted insoluble sulfur high temperature stability, studied the kind and amount of the stabilizing agent the influence of the thermal stability of the insoluble sulfur. Using a single agent as a stabilizing agent, discussed the type of stabilizer, the thermal stability of the amount of insoluble sulfur denitrification oil after the oil-filled and denitrification comparison results show that the phenolic antioxidant, esters stabilizers, acidic substances, turpentine been improved thermal stability of the insoluble sulfur, and use the good effect before the denitrification after the oil than the use of denitrification, use denitrification oil, oleic acid can make the insoluble The thermal stability of sulfur is up to 95.54%; weaken the thermal stability of the insoluble sulfur, but using an alkaline substance, the T551 and tetraethylenepentamine insoluble sulfur to occur under high temperature after 105 ℃ melting alkaline substances insoluble sulfur The thermal stability is a disadvantage. Compound stabilizer as a stabilizer, discusses the impact of the of different stabilizers composite on thermal stability of insoluble sulfur, and results showed that the steric hindrance of two different phenolic antioxidant compound used, such that the thermal stability of the insoluble sulfur. more than 91%. Finally The prepared products carried aging experiment, the results showed that: stabilizer processing products at 80 ℃ under after 90min processing insoluble sulfur scores only dropped to less than 4 percent, degrees? Tour Monopolizing  Love Mou  where locust benzyl Guangdong ? score decreased by 13.3%.

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