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Study on Ecological and Economic Benefit of the Poplar-crop Intercropping on Wind-Sandy Wasteland of Yellow River Old Riverway in Shandong Province

Author RenGuoYong
Tutor LiHongLi
School Shandong Agricultural University
Course Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating
Keywords poplar-crop intercroping wind-sandy land Yellow River Old Riverway microclimate effect soil improvement effect economic benefit evaluation
CLC S181
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The soil evolve as sand-windy is a major issues that impact on the eco-environment and social-economic sustainable development on Wind-Sandy wasteland of Yellow River Old Riverway.The poplar-crop intercropping is one of the main measures which control soil sandy and windy now.With the purpose of exploring the ecological&economic benefits of the poplar-crop intercropping model,providing the basis for the development and utilization of wind-sandy land,the paper observes and researches the poplar-crop intercropping on Wind-Sandy wasteland of Yellow River Old Riverway in LinQing by the combination of methods about field survey,positioning observation and laboratory analysis.The microclimate effect,soil improvement effect,crop yields and poplar growwing effect,and economic benefit of different patterns are mainly studied in this thesis.The results of study show:(1)The poplar-crop intercropping improve the situation of microclimate significantly.Compared with contrast,Wind speed is decreased,and soil wind erosion reduce.Wind-break potency is discrepant for the diferent patterns,diferent ages and seasons of the stand and seasons.The wind-break potency of interseeding wood-land is more than one of the non-interseeding, and the poplar-wheat interplanting’s is superior to the others’,One of the summer is superior to the springs’and the autumn’s.For the same pattern,the wind-break potency become strengthen with stand age increasing.The poplar-crop intercropping regulate the situation of microclimate significantly,and preserve temperature before sunrise especially in April and in October,and decrease temperature after sunrise especially in July.It can reduce the daily mean temperature and let up the daily range of temperature.It can also decrease the hazard of low temperature and dry-hot wind.The daily range of soil temperature of poplar-crop intercropping becomes smaller with the soil depth.Daily mean soil temperature decrease with the depth in April and in July,but augment with the depth in October.All of the poplar-crop intercropping are less than the contrast.It can increase air humidity obviously.Air humidity of the diferent patterns are more than the contrast.Ahe humidification for air becomes strengthen with the stand age increasing.(2)The soil physical and chemical properties are improved greatly on the wind-sandy land of the poplar-crop intercropping.The soil bulk density in intercrop farm is smaller than the constrast’s,and change stronger in 0~10 cm layer by 1.39g·cm-3to 1.26~1.28g·cm-3.But there isn’t a great influence between the differert patterns.On the same time,it shows an increasing trend downward the layer.The soil total porosity in different intercrop farm is higher than comparison,and the total porosity,capillary porosity and noncapillary poropsity of 0~10 cm layer are higher than those of the deep layers.Soil total porosity and capillary porosity of each layer are more augmentative with age of stand increasing.The particle size distribution in every intercrop land is d=0.05~0.10 mm mainly,and the grains of sand content is less,soil clay particles is more than the contract.Soil organic matter、total nitrogen、total phosphorus、available nitrogen、available phosphorus and available potassium are improved greatly.But soil ph value is less than the contracts’.Soil total nitrogen、total phosphorus and available potassium have significant differences among each pattern.Soil organic matter、total nitrogen and available potassium of each pattern are augmentative continuously with age of stand increasing.Soil total phosphorus、available nitrogen and available phosphorus are augmentative continuously during intercropping,and decrease during non-intercropping. (3)The intercropping system affect yield of intercrop、growth of stand and productive value.during the intercrop farm in the same age and different crop,the DBH、tree height and cubical content are different.The Poplar stand volume is from high to low as:poplar-soy>poplar-wheat+peanut>poplar- poplar>poplar-cotton.Taking poplar-wheat+peanut for instance,The growth status of poplar increased obviously and difference was significant.The cubical content in the eight years is 191.82 m3·hm-2 which is 3.95 times higher than the one in the four years.Tree total output and annual output is increasing with the age of stant,but the increasing degree is reduced with the increase of stand age.Average yield of crop is less than each of single agricultural,and annual income of inter-filler is reduced with the increase of stand age.During three-year of intercrop,The output of wheat reduced by 4.35%、27.12% or 62.43%;the peanut’s reduced by 9.95%、19.90% or 39.81%;the soy’s reduced by 9.91%、35.91% or 61.91%.and the cotton’s reduced by 30.18% in second year or by 52.17% in third year.Because the crop yield reduced,total output and income decreased also.Different patterns of poplar-crop intercropping have different economy benefit:The economy benefit evalution showed that the benefit in the eight years is higher than the benefit gained from the farm of four years.The input-output ratio is 9.64 in the eight years and ratio in the four years is 5.18.Inputs per $ 100 take about $ 864 benefit to the farmer.The input-output ratio of eight years is 2.07 times than the tatio of four years.The input-output ratio in the eight years is 7.42 which is 1.51 times higher than the ratio in the four years.Sothe return rate in the eight years rotation cycle is higher than the return rate in the four years.The results shows that the poplar grows best in the poplar-soy intercrop.There is the highest crop yield and revenue,the best ecologal protective functions and comprehensive economic benefit.

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