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The Experimental Research of the Influence of PDMP to Serum NO Content and VEGF in the Interventional Treatment of Early Rabbit SANFH

Author LiHongXing
Tutor YangHao
School Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course TCM orthopedics and traumatology
Keywords SANFH Puerarin Lugua peptide Interventional treatment Serum NO VEGF Experimental study
CLC R681.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Objective: observation of puerarin Lugua peptide interventional treatment of ischemic rabbit early femoral head necrosis (Steroid induced Avascular Necrosis of the Femoral Head suggested that SANFH) content of serum nitric oxide (nitricoxide NO) and vascular endothelial growth factor (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor VEGF), and to explore its prevention and treatment of SANFH effect and mechanism, and provide a scientific basis for clinical application of the treatment. METHODS: The experiment using healthy rabbits were 56 (male and female) for the study, 10 healthy rabbits were 56, were taken randomly divided into three groups: the control group (blank group), model group (model group 23), puerarin the Hop Lugua polypeptide, involved in the treatment group (treatment group, 23). In addition to 10 blank group, model group and treatment group animals using He Xijing modeling method in the the White Rabbit gluteal injection prednisone acetate, each 7.5mg/kg, 2 times a week, continuous administration of 8 weeks, all animals week 2 times gluteal injection of penicillin 80,000 u / only, gentamicin injection 40,000 u / only to prevent infection. 8 weeks after the experimental groups were killed 2 rabbits underwent histopathological light microscopy controlled observation, proved to be a successful modeling; blood group rabbit ear vein after the success of the model, using end point method for the determination of serum NO content. While the control group and the model group, normal daily feeding, the treatment group fed properly, after the success of the model 0 weeks, 2 weeks the puerarin Hop Lugua polypeptide interventional treatment. Again after six weeks of treatment for all groups of animals ear vein blood, serum NO content were killed rabbit drawn pathological morphology and count VEGF positive rate of bone cells, positive chondrocytes rate and positive blood vessel rate. All data SPSS13.0 statistical software line one-way ANOVA analysis of the experimental data are expressed as mean and standard deviation (x ± s) said. Results: ① in the first two weeks of the modeling, model group, one rabbit died of gastrointestinal ulcers, one died of otitis media, three weeks model group, there is still a rabbit died of gastrointestinal ulcers; treatment group 2 The rabbit died of gastrointestinal ulcers and a rabbit died in otitis media, the gluteal injection cimetidine 0.84mg/kg to protect the gastrointestinal mucosa. Each group were sacrificed after 8 weeks of modeling 2 rabbit histopathological light microscope controlled observation, Light microscopy showed that the normal control group, model group and treatment group trabecular bone thinning, significantly increased empty lacunae, osteoblasts reduce the number of proven successful modeling. Confirmed that the model was successful parties mold white rabbits weighing modeling significantly lower than the former model, an increase in the treatment group weight after treatment than before treatment. ② Serum NO Determination: before treatment model group and the treatment group, serum NO content consistent, both significantly lower than that in the blank group (P lt; 0.05), the treatment group, serum NO content was significantly higher than the model group (P lt ; 0.05), slightly lower than the blank group (P gt; 0.05) are basically the same model group, serum NO content before and after treatment, the blank group before and after treatment are basically the same, the serum concentration of NO in the treatment group was significantly higher than before treatment (P lt; 0.05 ). ③ histopathological observation: normal control group, coarse trabecular bone in the femoral head, dense, clear structure, arranged in neat rows were rules the arch-shaped edge of the trabecular bone osteoblasts in larger quantities; lacunae visible shaped bone cells, occasionally visible lacunae emptiness; small number of osteoclasts in the marrow cavity, there are a large number of the ratio of normal hematopoietic cells and fat cells. Sparse trabecular bone model group of empty lacunae increased significantly, medullary cavity fat cells increases, increased nearly blank group; the empty lacunae ratio the highest model group, treatment group, compared with blank group is slightly higher, but significantly lower than the model group; the blank group's VEGF-positive osteoblasts rate, of positive chondrocytes rate and positive vascular rate highest center lowest model group, treatment group and the treatment group compared with the model group was significantly different (P lt; 0.05). Conclusion: the puerarin Hop Lugua polypeptide interventional treatment inhibits secretion of cytokines, hormones promote serum NO and VEGF expression continued weakening trend, promoting VEGF, thus accelerating the revascularization of the femoral head and re-ossification process, and effectively improve the femoral head within the microcirculation, reversing the avascular state to promote the regeneration and repair of trabecular bone and improve bone strength, preventing femoral head deformation, to achieve prevention SANFH occurred and development.

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