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Career Planning for Colloge Nursing Teaching in the Applied Research

Author LiXiaoKun
Tutor WangBinQuan
School Shanxi Medical
Course Nursing
Keywords career planning colloge nursing students the applied research
CLC R47-4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Background : Human life is the life of the career development of individual, occupational must mean that the social status, economic status and life style; of organizations are concerned, means that the cause of vocational, business efficiency and development; on society is concerned, means that a culture of career development and progress. Care industry is full of both challenges and job stress. As a nursing student, in the face to be engaged in nursing work, are put to make a living as a professional, or the cause of lifelong development, which nursing students and nurses in career development is essential. If nursing educators can help nursing students to do a good job early career planning, be able to give nursing students have a sense of achievement specified in a career pathway, not only can enhance their university level study, life adaptation, and promote the maturity of personality, stable, their potential to play, but also for nursing students to enhance the cause of identity and career maturity. Study: four-year nursing students to do investigate the status quo; One nursing students to do career planning counseling.Object: 1. Learn nursing freshman, sophomore, junior, senior students in vocational maturity level. 2. Freshman students for the nursing profession Designed reasonable scientific career planning model. 3. Improve vocational maturity of students.Method: Using "sophisticated career Scale" Random of Shanxi Medical University College of Nursing, four-year, respectively, a total of 60 students in 240 Career Planning Survey; for one of 30 first-year university students in career planning counseling. Counseling and then use this "sophisticated career Scale" to the original 60 students to investigate career maturity.Result: CD four grade scored the highest total scores are "application information", the minimum scores are "career awareness." (2) four-year career maturity indicators only "personal adjustment" and "professional attitude" has statistically significant interaction on this scale evaluation reliable, one of "personal adjustment" and "professional attitude" by the influence of individual differences .③counseling at the former, two groups of eight indicators of the object scores no statistical difference. After counseling, "application information", "Personal Adjustment", "professional attitude", "career choice" there is significant difference in comparison, one of "the application of information" P <0.05, "Personal Adjustment", "professional attitude", " Occupational Choice "P <0.01.④interactive response from the students, with the exception of first, third for the general, the rest are good. (D interview obvious changes are the U.S. students on the current state of feel more satisfied with life.Conclusion:①nursing student career maturity levels of less than sophisticated. (2) career planning counseling can improve the undergraduate nursing students in career planning situation. (3) members of the career planning counseling higher satisfaction. (4) interviews and reports indicate that members of personal growth groups for their guidance model had a positive impact.⑤counseling members of the atmosphere and better interaction reaction.

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