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The Duality of Thomas Hardy’s Writing-On Tess of the D’Urbervilles

Author HaoYongYi
Tutor YuanFang
School Inner Mongolia University
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords Thomas Hardy Tess of the D ’Urbervilles Realism Modernism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Thomas Hardy (1840-1928), an outstanding English novelist and poet, possesses a very important position in the history of English literature. The height of his achievement as a novelist could be witnessed in his novel Tess of the D ’Urberville, which is treated as the best of Thomas Hardy’s Wessex novels in the history of English literature.Tess of the D ’Urbervilles is the story of an intelligent and sensitive peasant girl, Tess Durbeyfield, who is betrayed by two men in her life and is driven to death in the end. Since its publication in 1891, its moving plot and unique artistic charm have attracted many readers’ and researchers’ attention and argument. Some interest in the analysis of characters, the moral significance, authors’ viewpoint and the writing skills of the novel, while the most focus on the fatalism and pessimism themes of the novel as well as the roots of the Tess’s tragedy.There is already unanimous viewpoint that Thomas Hardy belongs to the school of Victorian critical realism writers. Nevertheless, it should not be neglected that Hardy is the pioneer of English literature entered modern stage from Victorian one. His writing style and opinions to great extent are in common with modernism writers. Therefore, there is a combination of modernism with realism in Hardy’s writing, and such a combination, or duality of writing will be analyzed in this thesis.In the previous research in Hardy’s duality in his writing, the focus mainly comes to all of Hardy’s important novels together. However, as one of Thomas Hardy’s most important and famous novels, which was written in the last period of Hardy’s novelist career, Tess of the D ’Urbervills undoubtedly embodies such a duality.In this thesis, an overall introduction of realism in Hardy’s Tess will be presented. Then, the analysis of Hardy’s pioneer modernism in Tess of the D’urbervilles, Hardy’s spirits of anti-tradition and Hardy’s use of modernism writing technique in Tess will be examined.Since Hardy’s realism, esp. his critical realism of Victorian society has aroused much attention; the modernism in his works deserves to be shed more light on and will be the main focus of this thesis.

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