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The Studying of Control Method on Gas Collector Pressure of Several Coke Ovens

Author MaChangFu
Tutor ZuoXingGuang
School Shandong Institute of Light Industry
Course Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords Coke oven Collector pressure Fuzzy Control Multivariable decoupling
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Coke oven is a distributed parameter , nonlinear , time-varying , multivariate tightly coupled to the controlled object , which the collector pressure is one of the important parameters of the coke oven operation . The normal operation of the coke oven body , such as : coke oven door open , shut door , pushing coke , coal loading , Pingdingshan the coking time the change and the change of the heating system , will result in coke oven gas volume changes , resulting in collector pressure disturbance . Will cause When a collector pressure fluctuations , adjacent to another collector pressure fluctuations , fluctuations will cause the global collector pressure fluctuations phenomenon . Control of coke oven collector pressure and its stability in the production process within the desired range , is to ensure the safe production , coke production and quality , save energy, reduce environmental pollution , extend the coke furnace technical measures . Coke oven collector pressure system is a strong interference , multi-coupled , nonlinear, time-varying complex and changeable volume system , coke ovens in parallel under production conditions , the complex coupling relationship collector pressure control object , and no precise mathematical model , which gives the the collector pressure control system design difficult , difficult to achieve precise control . Firstly, a general briefing Weifang revitalization the coking plant coke oven collector pressure control system engineering overview , then collector pressure system characteristics , the analysis of coke , by analyzing the impact at home and abroad to build a coke oven gas collector model furnace gas collector pressure control of a variety of factors , mechanism modeling , the establishment of a new coke oven collector pressure system of mathematical models . This paper compares the advantages and disadvantages of the various decoupling methods for the collector pressure control characteristics , based adjacent to each other coupled oscillation phenomenon caused by the fluctuations of the channel , the fuzzy control technology , using a fuzzy logic - based fuzzy decoupling method for the collector pressure control . Finally , in the MATLAB software environment , the simulation of the model , the simulation results are more satisfied .

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