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Intelligent Research of Design and Optimization for Central Gathering Station

Author LiYingCun
Tutor KouJie
School China University of Petroleum
Course Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering
Keywords Central gathering station Optimization Genetic Algorithm Software Development Visualization Intelligent
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The central gathering station as a part of oil and gas gathering system, is the integral part of oil field production, whose technique process and energy consumption play an important part in the operating cost of whole oilfield. With entering the middle and later stage of our country majority of oilfield exploitation that is rich in water, the operating cost of central gathering station system is increasing continually. Optimization operation and design for central gathering system is of great economy value.On the system analysis foundation, the optimized mathematic model is established that the objective function is year lowest expense of the central gathering station system, and the optimized variables are chemical feed dosage, the water-oil interface highly and the temperature, and the constraint condition are oil content of outlet water, moisture content of outlet oil and monomer equipment safe operation and so on. In C++ Builder 6.0 environment, the genetic algorithm is applied to solve the model, simultaneously, calculating and choosing equipments and operating optimization software has been developed for central gathering system.The central gathering station system is taken as the research object in the software. On the one hand, monomer equipment is calculated and chosen for the central gathering station system, has realized equipment calculated and chosen computerizing, greatly saved the design time. On the other hand, the domestic majority of oil fields main flows have been analyzed and several kinds of typical flows have been synthesized. In may choose under the technical process, research the effects of key operating parameters of central gathering system to system energy cost and optimize the operating parameters considering saving energy and cost to achieve reducing cost and improving the efficiency goal of central gathering system. The example computation indicated that, the software has a better astringency and the stability, which is operated friendly and conveniently and has the certain field application value.

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