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Research on Key Technical of Identity-Based Encryption and Application in Secure E-mail

Author WangXuanDan
Tutor SunMingSong
School Harbin University of Science and Technology
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords Encryption Identity-based encryption Key escrow Secure e-mail
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Identity-based encryption (Identity-Based Encryption, IBE) public key cryptosystem , the public key can be any of a string , the user's public key can be public identity information , rather than through a public key certificate . Therefore, since the concern has been raised . But it was not until 2001 , Boneh and Franklin proposed the first safe and practical identity-based encryption mechanism , IBE technology was able to achieve , and thus a large number of identity encryption - based research have been commenced , however, the IBE key escrow problem Research is a very critical issue in the application . The e-mail exchange of information has become an important means of communication links , however, due to the openness of the network , Internet network on the transmission of e - mail is subject to a variety of attacks , therefore the design of secure e-mail system is a worthy study. The IBE key escrow problem has been studied based the trusted institutions manner including ( Threshold shared user's private key and multi- key distribution protocol ) and chosen ciphertext ( CBE CLPK ) , based on the user . The analysis of the presence of n KGC , respectively are mutually independent , the system must n pairs of public and private key brings burden on the system and the sender can not confirm that the receiver 's public key to produce them . The result of a typical key distribution scheme based on of KGC and more of PKA focus on analysis , pointed out that it did not solve the private key escrow problem , vulnerable to attack as well as neglect of system failure B.Lee et al three security vulnerabilities , and then proposed an improved scheme to solve the above three questions , and give proof of the correctness and security of the new scheme . Finally, the identity-based encryption scheme (IBE) and traditional public key infrastructure (PKI) were compared. Identity-based encryption system in the e-mail system . Design a secure email systems based on IBE -based the IBE security e-mail system interaction model and security design . IBE authentication and rights management combine to achieve a dynamic , high scalability .

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