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The Roles and Expression Patterns of VCAM-1 in Rat’s Organs with Anaphylactic Shock

Author LiXiaoJie
Tutor GaoCaiRong
School Shanxi Medical
Course Forensic
Keywords anaphylactic shock vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 Compound48/80 eosinophils
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective:To investigate the signitifieamce and expression patterns ofthe vascular celladhesion molecule-1(vCAM-11 in rats organs with amaphylactic shock after detectingVCAM-1 by lmmunohistochemisty of SABC;to observe and count the eosinophils in HEstaining and discuss the relationship ofthe expression between ofthe eosinophils and VCAM-1.Methods:The SD rats of 72 were used,which were healthy,male or female,and about 1 50g ofthe weight.They were classified as follows.(1) The 12 rats were randomly divided into twogroups:the control group and the shock group,n=6.The Compound48/80 was diluted to theinjection with the concentration of 100mg/200m1.Each rat of the shock group wasintraperitoneally injected with the Compound48/80 dilution of 4ml to establish the animalmodels with amaphylactic shock.Then,it was to observe the mortality rate within lh,and theywere killed by the dislocation at lh,which were not died within lh.Each rat in the controlgroup was injected with saline and were killed by the dislocation at lh.At last,the lung,heart,brain,kidney,liver,spleen,stomach and intestines were quickly extracted.(2)The 36 rats wererandomly divided into six groups:the saline group at 10min,the saline group at 30min,thesalinegroupat lh,the shockgroupat 10min,the shockgroupat 30min andthe deathgroup ofshock,n。6.The method of establishing the animal model of antdphylactic shock was samewith the above.The lung tissue was rapidly extracted in the death group of shock,and wasrapidly extracted in the others after killed by the dislocation at the corresponding time.f31 The24 rats were randomly divided into four groups:the saline group,the shock group(the deathgroup of shock),the saline group after the shock was induced,and the anti—VCAM-1 treatmentgroup after the shock was induced,n=6.The saline and amti-VCAM-1 was intraperitoneallyinjected at 30min after the shock was induced.They were killed by the dislocation at lh,whichwere not died within lh.The lung tissue was quickly extracted.The organs and tissues extracted were fixed in 4%paraformaldehyde and were producedto paraffin sections after 24~48h,for HE staining and immunohistochemical staining.It was toobserve and detect respectively the eosinophil and the VCAM-1,(1)in rats lung,heart,brain,kidney,liver,spleen,stomach,intestines with anaphylactic shock model;(2)in rats lung duringallergic shock,at 1 0min,30min and the death time of allergic shock;and(3)at the intervention of anti—VCAM-1 after allergic shock.The fictures were analyzed by BI-2000 image analysissystem and the datas by the statistical softvaxe with SPSSl6.0.Results:(1)When the rats were died ofamaphylactic shock,the expression VCAM-1 ofrats lung increased extraordinary relative to the control group,following one ofthe heart andthe brain,and the other did not differ significantly.(2)Compared with the control group,theexpression ofVCAM-1 in the lung increased in the course of inducing amaphylactic shock ofthe rats with Compound48/80,at 10min,30min,and the death time ofallergic shock.As theamaphylactic shock is on,an increased trend was occurred.(3)Compared with the control group,the expression ofVCAM-1 in rats lung was increased significantly in the induced shock group,the group injecting the saline aider the shock was induced,and the group injectinganti—VCAM-1 afterthe shockwasinduced(P>O.05).Comparedwiththeinduced shock group.the expression ofVCAM—-1 in rats lung was reduced in the group injecting amti-VCAM—-1 afterthe shockwasinduced(P<0.05).f41Thequantity ofeosinophilswas positively correlatedwiththe expression ofVCAM-1 in the antdphylactic shock and in the processes ofa~aphylacticshock.Conclusions:(1)The expression ofVCAM-1 shows organized differences in theamaphylactic shock,and it is lungs that changes obviously.(2)The expression ofVCAM-1 inrats lung takes on all upward trend in the processes of anaphylactic shock.f31 After theoccurrence ofamaphylactic shock,anti—VCAM-1 can inhibits the expression ofVCAM-1 in ratslung(4)The quantity of eosinophils was positively correlated with the expression ofVCAM-1 m meanaphylactic shock and in the processes ofanaphylactic shock,

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