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Material Research of the Modern Mural Art

Author GeXin
Tutor JiangZhongHao
School Yanbian University
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Mural Material Psychological Environment Concept
CLC J218.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Technological advances, more and more in-depth and rational understanding of human nature, including man's own, they are rapidly changing the way people view the world, substances, is rapidly changing the way people view art. The artists conceptual understanding of the material and choose to use, this change was the most direct. Mural art development today, the concept of traditional murals can not be completely interpretation of the concept of modern murals, mural form and use of materials is extremely diverse from ancient murals techniques to contemporary media technology, contemporary mural painting has been greatly development; addition, with the development of modern art, the art of various categories of highly differentiated, they go to a high degree of integration. On the one hand, the longitudinal development of the various categories of art, the professional division is getting smaller; On the other hand, open-cultural background, art was a wide range of trends, the art of making different categories of mutual integration, artistic language to get full the integrated use. Contemporary murals as public art is in this state, from the built environment art mural itself a whole, to the spiritual and cultural performance from the material and cultural form, breaking the traditional concept of the murals, and its contents beyond the simple narrative and cultural heritage single , with a rich variety of content and means. Recalling the history of the development of the mural, we can see that it is also a history of the development of the art materials. Frescoes from the original period materials to modern murals materials continue to progress and development, including mineral materials, fresco, oil, oil painting, acrylic, as well as the development of modern sound, light, electricity, multimedia and other high-tech elements comprehensive murals. People continue to discover and to explore the possibility of material as well as the ability to grasp control the material, is also focusing on the characteristics of the material, the material is no longer a mere medium, the material also has its own character and language, people continue to explore it , master it, and rational use of its laws which used in a variety of environments, and the material for a reasonable configuration, really reach the people, the environment, materials harmony and unity. Especially in the contemporary, with the change of the living environment, people's aesthetic ideas have a greater change and improve, people are no longer satisfied with the objective representation, but more of a pursuit of a natural, simple, enjoy the spiritual realm , it becomes \The mural along with the concept of modern painting diverse derivatives, to fall back on the rapid development of modern building technology and the transformation of the human concept of the built environment, from the spiritual content to its manifestations craft techniques have undergone unprecedented changes. Our mural to develop their meeting point where, I think the material abstract mural \elements to give people a whole new wonderful visual experience, and to promote eco-friendly, and really reach people, the environment, physical materials is a whole harmonious view of the universe.

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